Twisted Insane
Twisted Insane
[Intro (Reverse)]
Kill 'em wit' the venom
Eat these mothaf**kas, get their brain split
You f**kin' wit' the wrong one, n***a
Kill 'em wit' the venom

[Verse 1]
And you was never to be knowing what I'm doing when I happen to be on one
Lurking 'round the corner popping off a 40, get the OE
Elevated, body faded, get your woman integrated, never made it, invaded her, ho you don't know me
Pop a clip up the heater, rip the ho' phony
Hit 'em with the meter, cut off with the feet
Leave the pu**y leaking, secretions because I beat it and beat it
Then creep wit' heaters when seekin' the homies
Popping the pu**y, dumping the booty, having the motherf**ker bleed
Huffin' and poppin' shovel when I'm puffing on the weed
Dumping the d**k up in the b*t*h and do the b*t*h again and since somebody gotta benefit, it better be me (It better be me)
Cause I'm way too psychosomatic and at it looking at the picture kicking the static
The n***a that have it I pull the body and they can bag it
If anyone have it I pull them back and again I dab it
I'm lethal!
Getting so perverted when I take out my d**k and lit up the Dynamite Stick (Ching)
Shove it in your cushion, leaving 'em gushin', you die for the pushing then you can f**k with a n***a that's sick
Kaboom (kaboom)
Splattering the b*t*h's face all over the room
Having a motherf**ker with the info in the room
Digging up into doom, pitching up in the room
Having to meet your doom, f**king with the who?
Creeping 'round the corner, popping off in California
When I'm creeping you be going up for a baffler
Dumping at so many motherf**kers they be running and run in the gutter
Pull them b*t*hes all up your a**hole, now b*t*h you get the la**o
Because I be dropping up in 'em, hit 'em with the venom and get em, bend 'em into another doom
Feeling fo' reala, killa, peel a Godzilla, filla when I'm pulling b*t*hes all up by the womb
I'm Twisted Insane!

You know what I'm sayin, I'm Twisted Insane, homie
This ain't no montherf**kin dance sh*t, n***a
This killa sh*t n***a, this murda sh*t, n***a
This the motherf**king music you shoot for the face to, n***a
Shoot for the face to this sh*t, n***a

[Verse 2]
You gotta be a baffler
?falafel? could've put the wrath in ya
Better get to runnin', comin' after ya
Sickopatomous feelin' phenomenal
[?] telepathy to get the best of me
There ain't no restin' me until the death of me
Whenever and ever I fill up in 'em, get up in 'em
Body better beheaded, imbedded and ready to kill 'em
Fill 'em up with hollows, at the back of the model
I bet you never thought you'd see me cut up in your
Face and rip you like denim, I'm sick!
N***a, that's so beneficial, like I'm lookin' right behind
The bushes to eat up your cat
Do 'em in a second, ?never be too brave? you say I'm not affected
Mothaf**ka, can you state that's a fact?
The 151 got me dumpin' with a tommy gun now follow
And nobody ?have fun?, watchin' everybody run
Killa fo' realla, feel a killa, Godzilla, villain, when I'm
Pullin' b*t*hes all up out the tongue
I'm Twisted Insane!
[Bridge (Reverse)]
Get everyone up off the motherf**kin' couch right now, n***a
I'll shoot yo motherf**kin' mommy in the face
And kill your whole motherf**kin' family, n***a
Kill 'em all now
Kill everybody in the house right now

[Verse 3]
?Fill a cup of this? and leavin', if I gotta marinate up
?heavy? in the the middle of the Sun
Scrape it up and then straight out and if you wanna murder anyone, go ahead and put it in somebody's blunt
Fill a cup of venom when I get up in 'em, laughin' when I'm
Bendin' a motherf**ker, ?breakin' forward? the bones
?Verbally? and I feel hella faded, heavily intoxicated
Drinkin' from the bloody women and I'm gone
So many n***as and so many triggers and how the f**k you
Think you finna be beneficial with no action?
Hit 'em with the hammer to the cranium, drainin' 'em
50 n***as in the room bumpin' Ms Jackson
(-What was she askin'?)
I don't give a f**k, I'm not one that's finna be able to negotiate
Hyperventillating, got the body shakin', somebody awaken
A n***a full of Ol' English drink!
Puffin' on the weed and poppin' back a couple shots and when they ?stuff and kill?, I hop up with a b*t*h up in the tomb
Finna put her, I can leave a motherf**ker heart up in the dark
Finna fill up and meet the Temple Of Doom! (-Fill 'em!)
And I'll be the only answer, you're runnin' fast
They run off and gashin', leave you and dashin'
Runnin' from a motherf**ker with a machete
But evidently it's still up past, and ya better [?]
Was in cash, and before a n***a full of sicka-sicka
Run up in a b*t*h and f**k 'em with a bang!
Everybody runnin', police comin' when I was dumpin'
You better put a barricade from here to your brain!
Because I be droppin' up in 'em, hit 'em with the venom
And get 'em, bit 'em, into another doom
Thriller for realla', killa, peeler, Godzilla, villain
When I'm pullin' b*t*hes all up by the womb
I'm Twisted Insane!