Twisted Insane
Joe Jackson
[Intro: Twisted insane]
Fuck that bitch
Gimme a bottle and a porno, n***a
Ha, ha, ha...

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Jump up in the pussy like a pogo
Stickin', makin' bitches wanna fuck me when I greet ’em
Come into my room and you will step into your doom
If it’s a baby in your womb, I think it’s prolly ’bout to beat ’em
Bring your baby daddy through, I really wanna meet him
Take him in a room and tell him how I had your feet up
Tell him holy-moly how a n***a had my poll-y
Stirrin’ in your guacamole, she’s a fine seniorita
Playin' with the pussy while she’s suckin' on my Peter
Lay down on your back, I’m ’bout to eat a enchilada
I don’t like to talk, but I really want to walk
You be fuckin' with Ewoks, my dick is bigger than Chubacca
Man down, man down, someone caught a body
Walked up in that bitch and hit a n***a with the shotty
Daniel San-in' motherfuckers like I know karate
Doin' shit that make you think I was trained by Mr. Miyagi
?On the? club but I be hella picky on my weed
Comin’ around with a bomb, better run, that Reggie Bush indeed
Push up on you n***as like a bear and I attack ’em
Blocka-blocka with the Mac and put you bitches on the street
I'm comin' in your window when your family go to sleep
You think I'm bluffin'? Go ahead, believe it's only talk
I may now put the trigger down and punch you in your liver then I body slam a n***a like the animal in Hulk
You won't win a - war against a n***a that's demonic and I'm on it well ain't that about a bitch
N***as think it's music and they get off of the fluid thinkin' I won't do it till they momma found up in a ditch
Trigger finger really startin' to feel a fuckin' itch
Any minute you gon' find out you was dealin' with a psycho
N***as always get to wishin' wolfin' with the yap
Till I take 'em in the back and beat a n***a like he Michael
Joe Jackson
[Hook x8]
Get yo ass whooped like a n***a Joe Jackson
(N***as always get to wishin' wolfin' with the yap
Till I take them in the back and beat a n***a like he Michael
Joe Jackson)

[Verse 2: Jarren Benton]
Hit a motherucker with the ass of the Mossberg
N***a you been geeking all day off of cough syrup
N***a you ain't real you are all worse
Whoop a n***a's ass in the back of a WalMert
Ah, my bad I mean Wal-Mart
I'll do a drive by on a golf cart
Ten o'clock when I bend the block
Crack a motherfucker's skull with a cinderblock (HA!)
Take a n***a's life, put him in a box
Bitches on my dick because I'm in a drop
Ran into a n***a, wanna call the cops?
Told you n***as I am so unorthodox
Murder, murder, murder on the drop of a needle
Heavy metal stuck to my side like Magneto
Kill a rapper, put him in the trunk of a Regal
I don't give a fuck if the n***a know aikido
Slip a whole kilo, my amigo then I reload
Pow, shoot a n***a's eyeball through a peephole
Bang with the aliens, Stitch and Lilo
What you know about the maniac in a mink coat
Pow, put you n***a's wig back like chemo
Leave them with the dolphins, Dan Marino
The dope that we towed came from San Bernardino
Bullet seep through a n***a's skin like Aveeno
Money talk, baby, like [?]
We be getting to it like your money [?]
Fuck it, I'm the ego when I launch a torpedo
Haters suck a dick through a leopard printed Speedo
Time for some action, n***a what's crackin'?
First hater act, he gon' get a reaction
Twisted gon' slap him or Jarren gon' clap him
I'll whoop a n***a's ass like Joseph-Walter-Jackson
[Hook x8]
Get yo ass whooped like a n***a Jo Jackson
(N***as always get to wishin' wolfin' with the yap
Till I take them in the back and beat a n***a like he n***a Jo Jackson)