Twisted Insane
Joe Jackson
[Intro: Twisted insane]
F**k that b*t*h
Gimme a bottle and a p***o, n***a
Ha, ha, ha...

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Jump up in the pu**y like a pogo
Stickin', makin' b*t*hes wanna f**k me when I greet ’em
Come into my room and you will step into your doom
If it’s a baby in your womb, I think it’s prolly ’bout to beat ’em
Bring your baby daddy through, I really wanna meet him
Take him in a room and tell him how I had your feet up
Tell him holy-moly how a n***a had my poll-y
Stirrin’ in your guacamole, she’s a fine seniorita
Playin' with the pu**y while she’s suckin' on my Peter
Lay down on your back, I’m ’bout to eat a enchilada
I don’t like to talk, but I really want to walk
You be f**kin' with Ewoks, my d**k is bigger than Chubacca
Man down, man down, someone caught a body
Walked up in that b*t*h and hit a n***a with the shotty
Daniel San-in' motherf**kers like I know karate
Doin' sh*t that make you think I was trained by Mr. Miyagi
?On the? club but I be hella picky on my weed
Comin’ around with a bomb, better run, that Reggie Bush indeed
Push up on you n***as like a bear and I attack ’em
Blocka-blocka with the Mac and put you b*t*hes on the street
I'm comin' in your window when your family go to sleep
You think I'm bluffin'? Go ahead, believe it's only talk
I may now put the trigger down and punch you in your liver then I body slam a n***a like the animal in Hulk
You won't win a - war against a n***a that's demonic and I'm on it well ain't that about a b*t*h
N***as think it's music and they get off of the fluid thinkin' I won't do it till they momma found up in a ditch
Trigger finger really startin' to feel a f**kin' itch
Any minute you gon' find out you was dealin' with a psycho
N***as always get to wishin' wolfin' with the yap
Till I take 'em in the back and beat a n***a like he Michael
Joe Jackson

[Hook x8]
Get yo a** whooped like a n***a Joe Jackson
(N***as always get to wishin' wolfin' with the yap
Till I take them in the back and beat a n***a like he Michael
Joe Jackson)

[Verse 2: Jarren Benton]
Hit a motherucker with the a** of the Mossberg
N***a you been geeking all day off of cough syrup
N***a you ain't real you are all worse
Whoop a n***a's a** in the back of a WalMert
Ah, my bad I mean Wal-Mart
I'll do a drive by on a golf cart
Ten o'clock when I bend the block
Crack a motherf**ker's skull with a cinderblock (HA!)
Take a n***a's life, put him in a box
B*t*hes on my d**k because I'm in a drop
Ran into a n***a, wanna call the cops?
Told you n***as I am so unorthodox
Murder, murder, murder on the drop of a needle
Heavy metal stuck to my side like Magneto
Kill a rapper, put him in the trunk of a Regal
I don't give a f**k if the n***a know aikido
Slip a whole kilo, my amigo then I reload
Pow, shoot a n***a's eyeball through a peephole
Bang with the aliens, St**ch and Lilo
What you know about the maniac in a mink coat
Pow, put you n***a's wig back like chemo
Leave them with the dolphins, Dan Marino
The dope that we towed came from San Bernardino
Bullet seep through a n***a's skin like Aveeno
Money talk, baby, like [?]
We be getting to it like your money [?]
F**k it, I'm the ego when I launch a torpedo
Haters suck a d**k through a leopard printed Speedo
Time for some action, n***a what's crackin'?
First hater act, he gon' get a reaction
Twisted gon' slap him or Jarren gon' clap him
I'll whoop a n***a's a** like Joseph-Walter-Jackson
[Hook x8]
Get yo a** whooped like a n***a Jo Jackson
(N***as always get to wishin' wolfin' with the yap
Till I take them in the back and beat a n***a like he n***a Jo Jackson)