Twisted Insane
Star Wars
Brain, I was on a location
Look at all the bitches right in front of me
Try’na get one on rotation
It is what it is, what’s it gonna be?
Don’t be handcuffin' like a simp
You only knew the bitch for two minutes
She told me that she always go limp
I be in the shit like Popeye off of spinach, get ’em!
Stickin a dick in a bitch, and tearin the pussy all up into bits
My voodoo true due, indubitably I’m on some other shit
Ready to beat the meat and drip some candlewax upon your clit
I put it on mama’s soul, nobody in a row who fuckin with the sickness
Dip, go in a rage and Hulkin out like I was Banner
Makin ’em hit the higher notes like I was Nickie Cannon
Takin ’em on in a minute whenever and leavin ’em bitches stranded
I was drinkin, they was thinkin that I’m on some satanic…
Comin to maul, they fumble the ball, that Spider In The Night shit
I’m teachin ’em all, my preach is on some fuckin street fight shit
Tellin a bitch good night shit, or you can
Takin ’em in the woods where I’m up to no good
And I split you with a right fist
But I’m ’bout to do some tight shit
And take you into a level where the devil’ ll
Suck my dick and call me master on the daily
I’m Insane, you think I'm offended when you call me crazy
Put my dick up in the devil mouth and make him suck my babies
I’m a monster, in the dark, n***a
Don’t bark, n***a, just bite them
And the Insaniac, in my brainiac
Since fuckin just like him
And comin together whenever you wanna run up and try to strike
Then it’s a full moon, once you meet doom when I transform to a lycan
Knock n***as out like Tyson
In the weight room, on the weight bench
And I’m motivated by the n***as that be on the internet, try’na say shit
What you think, I’m on K shit?
Walk into the room, stick a millimeter in your mouth…