Twisted Insane
Star Wars
Brain, I was on a location
Look at all the b*t*hes right in front of me
Try’na get one on rotation
It is what it is, what’s it gonna be?
Don’t be handcuffin' like a simp
You only knew the b*t*h for two minutes
She told me that she always go limp
I be in the sh*t like Popeye off of spinach, get ’em!
Stickin a d**k in a b*t*h, and tearin the pu**y all up into bits
My voodoo true due, indubitably I’m on some other sh*t
Ready to beat the meat and drip some candlewax upon your clit
I put it on mama’s soul, nobody in a row who f**kin with the sickness
Dip, go in a rage and Hulkin out like I was Banner
Makin ’em hit the higher notes like I was Nickie Cannon
Takin ’em on in a minute whenever and leavin ’em b*t*hes stranded
I was drinkin, they was thinkin that I’m on some satanic…
Comin to maul, they fumble the ball, that Spider In The Night sh*t
I’m teachin ’em all, my preach is on some f**kin street fight sh*t
Tellin a b*t*h good night sh*t, or you can
Takin ’em in the woods where I’m up to no good
And I split you with a right fist
But I’m ’bout to do some tight sh*t
And take you into a level where the devil’ ll
Suck my d**k and call me master on the daily
I’m Insane, you think I'm offended when you call me crazy
Put my d**k up in the devil mouth and make him suck my babies
I’m a monster, in the dark, n***a
Don’t bark, n***a, just bite them
And the Insaniac, in my brainiac
Since f**kin just like him
And comin together whenever you wanna run up and try to strike
Then it’s a full moon, once you meet doom when I transform to a lycan
Knock n***as out like Tyson
In the weight room, on the weight bench
And I’m motivated by the n***as that be on the internet, try’na say sh*t
What you think, I’m on K sh*t?
Walk into the room, stick a millimeter in your mouth…