Twisted Insane
Girl 1: What you want with this voodoo magic anyhow?
Don't be playin' around with it, messin' with the evil forces
You'll be out like Cedric Diggory

Girl 2: Who?

Girl 1: Harry Potter, died in the Tri-wizard tournament

Girl 2: Look, I don't know. I just think it's interesting. I mean, who knows what kind of forces are out there operatin' in the universe? Maybe it ain't such a bad idea to try and get 'em on your side

[Verse 1]
Pull up and bend ’em, I get ’em with venom, I hit ’em with
Heat, click
Kill ’em and fill ’em with peppers and put ’em in
Deep dish
Never knew it could be all a weird delusion, you could be skeptical
I could bring you to your death with a blade in your neck, n***a
Peep this:
Black magic with a rat pack and a silverback gorilla
Run up on a motherfucker ready like a n***a was Godzilla!
You would never see the demon come into your room when you was in a dream
I could have Jason and the homie Freddy lookin' like bitch n***as fo’ realla
I be hella wicked like a wicked witch and make you get up on my team
Someone say the wrong thing, I’mma hit his brain all up with the beam
Feelin' like I was Sauron with a hard-on for the ring
Never know when I’mma stop with the millimeter and go "ping-ping-ping-ping”
Warlock, my mind in the night time on sick shit
Raisin' up out my tomb, bring you in the room, get addicted
Toe-tag these n***as, put 'em in a bodybag then zip shit
One less for the good guys, and it's one more for the wicked
[Hook x2]
I be on voodoo
Voodoo, black magic, dolls and Shaka Zulu (x4)

[Verse 2]
Killin' motherfuckas way before MySpace
Put a halt in your day like it was a stop sign on the highway
Push up on you when you only feelin' (?) like it's a regular Friday
No, it's get up out the bed, brush a n***a teeth to go out and die day
Night time, freakazoid with ya vampires and the werewolves
Look a n***a in the eye right before they die, realize they're shook
Bloodstains when the semi-automatic slugs came
And I think about 'em and your blood's came
Catchin' n***as with bear traps and hair hooks
Black magic, I'm back at it like a crack addict on a jackrabbit
Call my homie like you really gonna run up on a n***a with the heat
They don't wanna get they body bent like a klepto in a Craftmatic
I will put you in a dark room full of monkey blood and chicken's feet,
I be on my Voodoo

[Hook x2]
I be on voodoo
Voodoo, black magic, dolls and Shaka Zulu (x4)

And I see you motherfuckers on the dark side, n***a
And that's real