Twisted Insane
Voodoo 2
[Verse 1]
Tell me do you wanna take a trip up on a spaceship?
I told the people that a bullet really penetrate them
Now why the fuck you wanna meet the real life Jason?
Up on the dark side, with the body parts up in the basement
They don't want to face him, he’s really with the wicked sick shit
Don't trip, you not the first one to run away on some bitch shit
N***as always want to come around and be a big ol' bad, like they with this, till they real life they never been around no sick like this shit
Blood and guts, what the fuck you tellin’ me?
You sellin' me wolf tickets, no bomedy bill bailin' me
No heaven in a n***a future, well, fuck, must be the hell in me
Greened up from my feet up, it's the L in me
From San Diego where the zoo deep and the Southeast
Been around the corner, sunshine, fuck one time, I'm out these!
Bitch, ain't nobody catchin' me, Obama with the outreach
You ain't never gotta ask if I’m down, bitch, I’m 'bout these!

[Hook X2]
First you fall down in convulsions
Eyes roll back, I’m like 'oh shit'
Chickens with no head in the ocean
Watch my enemies start floatin'
Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo
N***a, that shit real
Met a Haitian bitch with a cobra
Seen her drink venom like soda
[Verse 2]
Remember me im glarin
I ain’t no remedys just Samedi like Baron
Another body found up in the river n***a but who carin
Better respect mine with a tech n9ne no Aaron
Walk up in the party with baccardi my bad if a n***a tardy
But i got the molly everybody come and hit it
I dont hold shit im sharin
Babylon up in the door their flashlight is glarin
2 of them 10 of us let em try that i dare em
Ain't nobody comin sicker
When they find a body part up in the river
People always tell me how they bout the sickest
But they really ain't sick like me though
Always bein funny
People laughin at your man just like smoky
No time for the bullshit, hell nah, more like ?dbo?
11:30 and its only 30minutes til midnight
Better run and hide
I come with the murder runnin for your dislikes
Brainsick and we all down
For the drawn down and fist fights
Well alright we can all die on this night