Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: C. Ray]
Yeah, one time for the summertime
Two times for the cool rhymes that my brothers write
Do flying, fuck a loose line
Always prolly get a few tryin'
Imma do fine
Homie, look this revvin' new time
I'm a Braniac, down for the gang
Same with the weed, please break it down, get the flame
Came with the sweet, gonna fly around like a plane
Now I'm lookin' for a bitch I can pound, get some brain!

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane and C. Ray]
Get around with the gang, and smoking all my dojo
Tryna maintain my composure, all the hounds do the same
I break it up and roll it, everybody wanna smoke up
But I hate when n***a choke up, forty foul to the game
When I'm smokin all my weed
I'm feeling really high, in actuality, I'm laying on the asphalt
N***a with my face up in a bowl of cereal
I'd rather eat up all this food than get to fuckin' with the bath salts
N***a, come on a mission with the Brain - sick and you will see
Never here to entertain any lame, better flee
Watch a n***a bring a plane when I blaze on a beat
Gotta shoot for the face when you play for the fleets
I'm abrasive, put him in a place on the street
See I'm tryna run away but I play with the cleats
If a n***a bring the K, I will spray through your teeth
Pushing a bullet through your noodle, like it's glaze on a meat
I could've been the one that spun around the body hit the U turn
Bustin a couple shots, I got my rocks up watchin you burn
Told em a million times hoping one day that you'll learn
I'm minding my noodle black in the blue that's how I do firms and do turn
I'm posted with a diver and some lean
When you see the homie vibing never try to intervene
Bet a n***a and survival when I fire at your spleen
With a cannon like a pirate I get higher, I get mean, its a need!
[Bridge: C. Ray]
And when I can afford it, I'm in orbit
I be off that mary jane, it's simple and plain
Get rid of this pain, brought into that chronic
I refrain from anything powder
You disrespect us, start pushing up flowers
I won't be insane for about an hour
If you need something, then hit fire now 'cause if I'm not high...

[Verse 3: C. Ray and Twisted Insane]
Then I'm fuckin you up
I need a house with a gate and a couple new trucks
Powers of a great, getting you fucked
When you run up, Imma hit you with the force of two trucks
Megatron motherfucker
Wishing that I don't have to wake up every morning to a vision of my death
Lost off on a reality spending hours looking up into this bitch you never know what's coming next when you in orbit

[Outro: Twisted Insane]
Smoking like there's no tomorrow
I spend my time up on the couch filled with sorrow
N***a watchin Norbit
Swisher sweet's burning with liquor, just give me a second to feel it
My n***a, I'm way up in orbit