Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: ISO]
I never thought a n***a would have fame
Now i do this sh*t to make bank
B*t*hes on my d**k up at these shows
She said she wanna meet insane
I took her to the bar and got her faded (wasted)
Had a stupid a** conversation (wasted)
B*t*h wanted me to ride with her (wasted)
She let me drive her sh*t to the gas station (wasted)
I'm so f**king totaled I'm damaged
So high probably on another planet
She steady poppin' out her t**ties like Janet
The only difference is this b*t*h can't manage
Now I know you probably think I took advantage
Truthfully I shoulda hit this sh*t and vanished
But the b*t*h let me see her debit card
I went to burger king to get a chicken sandwich, n***a
Hoes do anything for money
Even if they gotta do a little sinnin'
She tryna f**k me and get to the big homie
I'm bout to max her card out to the limit
I ain't got a big house like (Twisted)
I ain't dropped a big album like (Twisted)
I ain't been around the world like (Twisted)
I'm lookin' at her like this b*t*h got me (twisted) - f**k it
Hopped out the whip with my d**k in my hands
Didn't wait for the dumb b*t*h to zip up my pants
Still got the condom on its still in my hands
This is how ISO gets rid of his fans
When you meet me do not let me get in your van
This psycho sh*t's in me I'm schizo not playin'
So watch what you say when you visit the cap
I called up big homie like this is the plan

[Hook: ISO & Twisted Insane]
These b*t*hes do anything to be Brainsick x4
These hoes do anything to be Brainsick x4

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
The homie here he told me that he had one
I told him won't you bring the ho to Yockaville
This n***a talkin' bout this b*t*h is bad son!
What the f**k you waitin' for we gots to cheer
I stuck it in she started speakin' Spanish
Now I don't even know if she can handle
I pulled it out she gave it in like damn it
B*t*hes talkin' bout the d**k is big as the T**anic… yocka!
He said he had a b*t*h who wanna f**k me
I played it off and made her feel so lucky
Got the credit card up out the b*t*h’s front seat
I had the pu**y quackin' like it was a rubber ducky
He told me that he got the pu**y cause he knew me
How come you didn't bring her home so she could do me?
He was too busy kissin' rubbin' on the booty
I was in the bedroom on a mission for the jewelry
Winnin' I don’t got nice kicks like (ISO)
I needa get a side b*t*h like (ISO)
Come on suck up on my d**k like you do (ISO)
I hate it when these b*t*hes wanna call me (Michael) - f**k it
Call me but you want to just give me the head
She pa**ed out I hit purse to get me some bread
She told me don’t want to f**k me instead
She want to f**k Dikulz and Z in the bed
These b*t*hes they do anything for c*ck now a days
She said she want C. Ray he like The Rock now a days
Pokin' up or Bokin' like he Dr. Inbrate
Man I needa really gotta get my c*ck on the blade
Ride slow in the pu**y
Whenever it’s my time to go man I really hope I die slow in the pu**y
Hey blood tell em about that one b*t*h
I creep up in ya window for ya sh*t when I soak in the pu**y - Brain!
[Outro: Twisted Insane]
Yeah n***a
She says she don't wanna f**k with me alone
She says she wanna get DP'd by Dikulz and Z
She told me she want Bishop to dress up like Capt. Hook and take the b*t*h to sea
When I walked in the room, she says she wants to get Brained
She says she want C.Ray to dress up like the Incredible Hulk and smash it raw
Redro put the eyepatch on and direct the sh*t like he's Nick Fury and sh*t
B*t*h says she wants ISO to dress up like Blade and suck the life out the b*t*h
Sh*t, Brain!
Brainsick (x4)