Twisted Insane
Why everybody full of envy
I take another shot of henny
I tell a bitch to get me 10 feet
You dont want the red beam
And you dont even know my head ting
You wanna bring it i got plenty
Semiautomatic the weapon i grab it i stab it direction
Leavin em battered im badder in than ego direction
Life and death no right and left im steppin
You better think about it because im a lethal weapon

Murder anybody after you will come and get it
I be posted on the corner like everyday gonna bick it
Really got nobody fucking with us
You can look around the corner you will never find a ticket
By the way i murder put one in your fitted
Run away you knowin that im comin for your dome
If i hear another word about it then its on
Hurry get your burner when i pull up at your home

Now im on a batphone
Hurry up i need a beat for me to rap on
I was drunk down the street