Twisted Insane
Bang (ft. Charles Xavier)
[Hook: Charles Xavier]
See how we came to make shit bang
Whether you're cripping, blooding, pimping, thugging
Serving the beans at yang yeah
See how we came to make shit bang
Whether your bluffin, cripping, puffing, sipping
Crying in your place and yeah

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Pin 'em in the brain where n***as'll really bang or motherfuckers so lethal
Run up on anybody wolfin' I'm tryna be puttin up with them n***as murder and making 'em feel evil
With the life I teach you, mind full of sick thoughts but I see my no equal, I've seen people die in the middle of their life theres no sequal
Move into the hallway quick do it everyday like all day shit, all day wit twistine 16 on all day shit, pull up off the rubber off of that shit
Back at that spot to get off of english
I was on venus, dreaming that i had an alien bitch fucking sucking my penis
Hop in the life with the back of the straps have a brack finna yap like fuck
All these n***as
Pull up on the corner right here and test they nuts
Bodies is fallin' the lord is fallin' well its time to leave us
Who do you believe in (Jesus) well its time for you to go in me jesus
N***a, now leave us, while I sit back and tip in my room
They get too much love, anywhere that I go and that’s whether you cripping thy mood
Go with they favorite [?]
They assorted yo fruit
What type of n***a hella ill?
I just playing, puffing, if you actin' tough, homie, there’s nothing for me to just kill
And n***a that’s real