Twisted Insane
Busy Boi
[Hook x4]
With that bullshit you can miss me
Dismiss, flee, bitch, I'm a busy boy

[Verse 1: C. Ray]
With that bullshit you can miss me dismiss, flee, bitch I'm a busy boy
An asshole, prick, when I'm at yo chick, bet I smash so sick when my dick deploy
Then I'm out, quicker than a 40-yard dash, headed for the bar fast, then I get destroyed
In another class when I'm sippin - got me picking up a glass full of liquor then I'm history, booiiii
And I don't even need a fucking cup - I got a bottle
Imma take it to the neck until that slut look like a model
Hollow when I'm shallow too, don't give a fuck - they gotta follow, when I'm leavin to the scene to give em somethin they can swallow
Phenomenal wit it, I kill them off when I visit
Bet I hit it, then she jumped up in the coffin, you dig it
Complicated when I spit it, pissing off all the critics
Then get your chick n' burnin rubbers, skeetin' off in the Civic
Then dippin out with the bitches and the victims in the trunk
With the subs and the spits and the shit that finna bump
Homie, I don't even needa bring the heater, putchyo face in the speaker, leave you lookin' like I hit you with the pump
Dig a ditch and hit the kitchen for the chicken and the protein
Then I get polluted with some liquor and a blunt
Maybe even hit the [?] with the codein
Till I'm numb and dumb and higher than [?]
Waking up in the morning ready for murder, finna go hit the lab
Then I'mma get perverted, draw the curtains and go pick a tramp
?Takin'? me for my service and taking them to the circus as long as she in her purse 'cause her purpose is coming with the cash
And we can be all good as long as you don't talk
Wish you would, bitch, I get annoyed
Then you can miss me with the bullshit
Dismiss, bitch flee, I'm a busy boi
[Hook x4]
With that bullshit you can miss me
Dismiss, flee, bitch, I'm a busy boy

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
With that bullshit you can miss me dismiss, flee, bitch I'm a busy boy
I'm droppin' it deep in the pussy when I'm in that pass
And really you're nothin', I meet 'em
It's only a minute for you to come over and get destroyed
I gotta be off in the room when I deal with you bitches
I really don't wanna be nice when I pick up a knife and go slice everytime I get annoyed
Ain't fucking around, I be doin this shit for no reason
Killin' em in the kitchen quit your bitchin' it's a mystery boy
And I be on my shit I'm independent on the killin'
Bustin' nuts up on you bitches, scary movie on the ceiling
Make-up on the pillow, willow couldn’t reach me if I’m illin
Drillin vaginal secretion, gettin ready for the children
I'm a demon, tellin' the bitch to bend over and back up
You gon' get the punishment the first time that you act up
Natural disaster, the next bitch come after
Oh no you can go home and the ho call me master
Whatchu want you bitches comin' in but I'm a n***a that won't fade
Saw the chick, I wanna find a bitch and wanna go on both ways
Take it in the pussy, have another bitch catch what I spray
I be on the shit that be having these other motherfuckers saying no way
Leanin', sideways on the front seat on stuck n***a
Fucked up with a 40 bottle in a cup like what's up wit' a
Stuck with a butt and a couple of bucks to get me a hamburger and some fries and a couple D's cups and a
Banged out, brainsick scoopin' bitches up with a spatula
Sucking blood up out the pussy like a n***a name was Black Dracula
Out the window clackin' ya, 94 black Acura
And you don't want a motherfucker like me coming after ya
Strung out, lookin' like a zombie off them mushrooms
Medicated, feelin' hella faded you be shit out of luck soon
Come to the slut room, really wanna get a taste
And I got a appetite for the pussy like my n***a Tech N9ne on Fuck Food
[Hook x4]
With that bullshit you can miss me
Dismiss, flee, bitch, I'm a busy boy