Twisted Insane
No Tomorrow
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
I was in the party, sippin up on bicardi, smoking weed, I got the bong
Pin a b*t*h and ain't no b*t*hing, I be in the kitchen wishing I was home
It's been a minute, I'm rolling my spinach, I'm ready to hit it, getting in my zone
Homie, I'm blown
Give me some water, I need it before a n***a really pa** out
In the gra**, high as a kite, I'm finna go night-night in the gla** house
Then I pack another bud before I gotta gonna hurry and then imma smash out
Take it to the renegade upon a planet, really bout the sh*t I rap 'bout
Back out the driveway, high as Chris Tucker on a Friday
Drunk as f**k and barely standing up, but maybe this is my die day
This thing, Twisted Insane, brain feeling like a f**king fried egg
With no clothes, just a f**kin robe and I'm yelling sh*t up in the driveway
I gang with the night train, why me?
Yelling like a motherf**ker, telling everybody in this b*t*h to try me
You can bring your boys and I'm poisoned like ivy
And I swear I'm finna shoot the next motherf**ker say I look like Ice-T
I'm not that nicely, always sitting by myself when a n***a roll up
F**k me, got the munchies, now I'm face-first in the donuts
Burn but you made the wrong turn, n***a, no cuts
Smoke weed til I'm so deep, imma throw up
Got the weed up and I'm thinking that I finna lit it when I hit the hash
Tried to make it to my hotel, it was smoke-filled, man I'm trash
Sit around and dab out, how long will I last?
Off another bottle of the liquor, in deep
On the darkside with some n***as, said "I'll cut you motherf**kers into mince meat"
Never tempt me
What? You got another bottle of the remy?
Give me, henny, many, many, many, many
I'm just a drunk, can I get a minute, man I really can't stop - I'm a drunk
Get another bottle, drowning in my f**king sorrows
I ain't go no money so I ask the homie "can I borrow?"
Gotta get going when it's no tomorrow

[Verse 2: DNA Tru Lyricist]
It's been a while since I rolled up a Cigarillo
But life's been pretty cold so I think I'm finsta buy a pack of zig-zags
Think I will get me a thick sack
Put the marijuana, then imma chill and kick back
With the diamond grinder, putting the weed inside, griding til it's granulated
They really be trying to kill the anxiety, bout to be tightening hands and shaking
Daily wasting my thoughts on the woman that really don't give a f**k about me
So imma puff on the joint and get high so I don't be giving a f**k about the world
Nothing but Brookelyn and Autumn, my two beautiful girls
They are my daughters and I am the father so don't even bother trynna make me swerve out of the lane
All of my sorrows, I must drown in the same old solar cup
The crown and vanilla and coke then I crack a bottle with the hoping to get f**ked up
Or atleast bust up, or atleast enjoy the company of a freaky sl*t
Then bust a nut, enjoy the ride, then come back to reality
But it's not that way, another night alone, and it's just sad to see-
That everyone around me's got someone to hold and happily be-
In the situation, they're just cold and have no apathy
Cause actually they're settling for half the pie naturally
They just want someone they can hold on to until the summer comes
Cause when the heat is up, they gonna leave em for another one
And here they come, catching your girl's attention, she on the run
And that's just the way that life is, I promise you're gonna f**king come to realise it
Trust me, the truth is it's ill-advised to show you the mize inside of a woman with killer eyes
In disguise, hiding kitchen knives under pillow to pillowfight
Til it's a bloody red sight and time to kill the lights
F**k that, I'd rather kill the mic and not take pills
And I don't know what that's like, but Mac Miller might
That's still a sight that's sad to see, pa** me a [?]
And imma sit here at this bar looking at women left and right
And imma end up going home alone again and hop on Tekken, might-
Play me some Call of Duty or some Fortnite
Take a hungry man out the oven, grab a fork-knife
Eat it while I watch Forensic Files on my 4k nice 900 E-Sony TV
As I write to this track with Twisted Insane, it ain't a thing you're gonna see
The Tru Lyricist at his finest, ripping it from behind
It's the hoofs of a stallion, reach for the sky
I never been the type to ruin the compet**ion
I'm the drummer boy, prrum-pa-pa-pum the compet**ion, brrum
Here I end you coming from another dimension
As I'm puffing on this joint again burning off the inches
I'm up in the game and I'm wrecking em all when I'm hitting em up with the lyricism
There is no tomorrow, stay twisted tongue [?]
[Hook: Diogenes] (x2)
There's no tomorrow from what I can see
Hearing these voices, they want me to bleed
Crying at night as I look at the sky
Feeling envious, so you know I stay high

[Verse 3: Tha Fallen Angel]
So they tell me I've lost it whenever I'm on this
Til my mind will just shrink up and blow out my eardrum
But how can this be an addiction when the pen I've equipped is a weapon that fights back the demon-
I see in the mirror at night watching over
Looking to take the piece of my soul that's left over
Feel like I'm just in a time warp that's got worse
But f**k it, I'll take out this b*t*h with the grinder
Losing myself in a blink when I take off
They think I'm a psycho when I'm taking this mask off
The sniff of the smoke and I'm took to a place
That you're hoping and praying I never do come back
But this sh*t's my cocaine, it's a habit
I can't kick a virus that infects my thoughts with no stopping
Better not stir up the beast with no bullsh*t
I'm quick to flip sh*t if you're doubting my flow, b*t*h
Flick the lighter anytime when I'm around
Imma show you motherf**kers how the hell I burn it down
Better believe it when I tell you all my time is slowly ticking
Every minute, every second, 'fore I blow up in your face, like-
They don't wanna be messing with how I do it
My methods are f**king vicious with the sh*t up in my system
You're wishing I would've warned, but f**k it, it's got me going
The energy with the pen is just crazy from when I go hard
They beg me to stop it, but I can't, it's addictive
When I let this engulf in my body
I feel such a rush that is pushing me roughly
When I'm feeling so low, in a blink I just know
One hit of the smoke on the mic
I just know that this angel ain't seeing tomorrow
[Verse 4: Leach]
Rolling the marijuana, taking a hit up on my stash
Smoking it by the bowl, I can never make it last
Going crazy when I'm blasted, you can blame it on the gas
I been growing a bud that's ma**ive so I'm saving all my cash
It's the weed-toking animal, taking a hit of incredible
Got me feeling like a vegetable when I'm munching an edible
Hold up, give me a minute, imma spit some acidic, get with it
Pa** the blunt, I'll hit it cause I never will not rip it (yo)
All day, all night, gotta stay high
I be red-eyed til I f**king die
F**k sorrow, b*t*h, there's no tomorrow
I've been spilling all this blood in the mud just to get by
Gotta pack a bowl, yo this glow got me in the zone
To my dome, [?], gotta get me gone
I ain't never feeling wrong puffing on the bong
I like it really strong, holding long when I hit the bong
I only get to kill it when I fill up, on the realer
Sh*t like Godzilla, knock you out like anaesthetics
Got the medicine like a medic, wanna be tired or energetic?
Chop it up and light it up and then give this sh*t a second
Unbelievable, breathable, sticky plant, got the green, man
I'm even down to dab it, I was blazing like a fiend
Got me into it, into another bag, already picking up another cause I'm faded
Now I'm blowing Tangerine Dream
I'm feeling so cold, I always stay stoned
They tell me to relax but I cannot do that, they just don't know
Got nowhere to hide, the fight's in my mind
So I keep blazing, I'm gonna keep chasing this sh*t, yeah I gotta get high

[Hook: Diogenes] (x2)
There's no tomorrow from what I can see
Hearing these voices, they want me to bleed
Crying at night as I look at the sky
Feeling envious, so you know I stay high

[Verse 5: VBL]

[Verse 6: Momentim]
Taking a hit of the blunt and I finish it off in the bong, this sh*t’s strong
So how do I go about spilling my guts in a song?
Been so long, since I could go a couple of hours without my weed fix
And now I don’t know the difference of being awake or if I’m dreaming
Cause I’m fiending 24/7 feels like I’m in heaven after that first hit
It may not be physical but it’s a mental addiction that I’m cursed with
It got worse when I realized that I wasn’t even the same person
So I tried to cut back on the weed but instead I replaced it with some bourbon
Cause I was hurting inside, I’d be lying if I said suicide never crossed my mind
Let’s put it behind, in the past I was in a dark place, it was a dark time,working part-time, for a dollar sign, looking for a sign, smoke a fat blunt in the meantime
Fast forward time, no more stop signs, this is my time. -----
Rising up out of the ashes of my past self -
And then I fly first cla** and collect the cash whenever I pa** go
Put you a**holes in a body cast or incapacitate you with a la**o
To those who had their doubts I’ll make you die slow like tobacco no apologies, ----
Because my flow is hotter than tobasco they’re applauding me
And it’s easily digestible, gastroenterology
I’m ready for this type of responsibility to fall on me
My past will always follow me but the path that I’ve been following
Is part of the master plan to become the man that I was gonna be
If I didn’t seclude myself from everyone and smoke a ton of weed
My mind was so foggy I couldn’t see what was in front of me
Now I’m tryna fill up a void that until a couple years ago was hollow
Bit off more than I could chew but I still went ahead and swallowed
My pride didn’t wanna hide and stay stuck in my sorrow
So I stepped in the public eye and I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, Let’s go

[Hook: Diogenes] (x2)
There's no tomorrow from what I can see
Hearing these voices, they want me to bleed
Crying at night as I look at the sky
Feeling envious, so you know I stay high

[Verse 7: LyteSpeed]

[Verse 8: Wild Wild Wes]
To the top of the brain, there lies Twisted Insane
Til you're pit in the game to just living in pain
It's the end of the- aye
A world with sorrow leaves you with no tomorrow
It's Wild Wild Wes

[Hook: Diogenes] (x2)
There's no tomorrow from what I can see
Hearing these voices, they want me to bleed
Crying at night as I look at the sky
Feeling envious, so you know I stay high