Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Then why do I feel like I'm dreamin?
Always surrounded by fiends that wanna bring bloody murder with the 15
I walk up in the door, how to explain it to his mama when it's seven bullet holes up in his dickies?
Smokin' on some mint green, take a hit of weed, Swisher Sweet and my brain is always spinnin' when I take a dab
Take another one and hit the freezer make a pizza with the munchies I'mma crunch and now a n***a wanna take a nap
Cannabis sativa, maybe I'm a fiend, I don't give a fuck I promise you that I will never leave her
Scrapin' all the resin till it's gone cause I'm broke and I don't got enough to get another sack I need a re-up
But I'm off of liquor liter, finna pop the millimeter, finna sit up on the couch and load the bong up with my feet up
Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Obama Kush and the Cheva
Top off with the wax, the edibles I love to eat up
Bumpin' the Holistic Choice, they be off of smoking
Medicated, feeling faded, marination of a mind
I wake up and I load another bowl up in my pipe
The only thing that people really go against is time
Man I be up in the clouds vaporizing with the rest of 'em
I wanna smoke a bowl with Tommy Chong but they arrested him
I got to thinking all about the game and I said to them
And why Eminem ain't never did a track with Tech and 'em
And why I'm asking questions off of medicine
I been rapping so long and the people know I can hang with the best of em
You could to listen to the radio but when is you gon' compromise and realize that Twisted Insane's so much better than them
Then why do I feel like I'm dreamin?

[Hook: Redro Killson]
Dreamin of a day when I ain't gotta get so high
To cope with all your lies, fuck you and your life
Dreamin of a day when I ain't gotta hit these lines
This game's killin' my mind, I'm dreamin' all you will die
[Verse 2: King-ISO]
I tell a motherfucker "Look
Fuck a medicine I carry heavy metal
In the ghetto and I'm hella frickin' hard
Load up an AK-47 in the Chevy, ridin' heavy
Fuck your petty beef, don't ever get involved"
Cause I'm... severin' the head of him who had it
Cause I'm ready to behead a n***a broad
I never would'a thought that the devil would'a crawled
In my head, givin' me thoughts of a rebel with a cause
Take a trip to 42nd for a second
Popped the trunk up got the weapon, then a shovel, then I toss...
Another body in the cemetery while I'm eating ben and jerry's
Your n***a, Tarrell is really off
Gimme the blunt, n***a wassup? Finna go bust, enemies duck
N***a should'a never let me hit the sauce
Poppin' a pump, poppin' the trunk, gotta be dumped, ?follow me? swamps
I'm in the slums if n***as ever want a problem
I get to grippin' a Beretta, catch you slippin' for your cheddar
Little n***a, it's whatever, fuck the law
Flip with the Ruger to n***as 'bout to exhibit 'em
Blew your medulla all over this stereo's on the wall
Motherfuckers talkin' shit about the Brain
Like I'm not willin' to go ahead, and leave every n***a sprawled
I'mma kill it with the rhetoric and all
Catch a n***a at the red light, I'ma let the 15 off like...
Fuck a diss track, n***a
Rockin' for 'em and I'm checkin' for you mismatch n***as
I pull up at your hood bustin' twin gats, n***a
Turn your Rick Ross beard to a chinstrap, n***a
It's klick-klack killa, did you get that, n***a?
I'm 'bout to come and murder all you bitch ass n***as
Your girl in the trunk and your kids at dinner
Cause ISO is a Brainsyck-ass n***a!
Dreamin of a day when I ain't gotta get so high
To cope with all your lies, fuck you and your life

Now why do I feel like I'm dreamin?...