Twisted Insane
Blush and gush...
Blush and gush...
B-blush and gush... yeah!
Blush and gush... bluh!

Verse 1: Koshir

Start date and a fart full of thick blood (uh)
Sharp knives, girl it's time for a quick cut (uh)
Let me inside, yeah it's my stupid bitch cunt (yeah)
I want the life that you 'prived from my grip, slut (bitch)
Don't try to run, bitch (nah)
You know my feet quick (yeah)
You wastin' time if you think you beatin' me, shit (uh huh)
My adrenaline, all time high now
The way this sledgehammer meet between yo eyebrows
Got my dick hard, I'm a sick fuck
I go to tear out yo guts through yo limp butt!
Start screamin', kinda like I'm on, really
I got you drugged up, chokin' on yo phone pillies
And your sister, yeah I'm gonna miss her
Wait at your stairs while I cut into your blisters
You know you fucked, right?
It's time to die, bitch
Now stay still while I'm cuttin' out your eyelids

You may think these are nightmares
I like to call them dreams
I really hope you're frightened
Go on, I want you to scream
Blush and gush...
And the bitch screams!
Blush and gush...
And the bitch screams!
B-blush and gush...
And the bitch screams!
Blush and gush...
And the bitch screams!

Verse 2: Koshir

Headin' fast through the alleys gettin' calico
But I follow 'cause I need to give your neck a choke
I wanna point your juggalo right through your pretty skin
And piss all in the open wound before the very end
I'm dreamin' shotgun, I'm dreamin' switchblade
I'm dreamin' throwin' acid all up in your shitty face
I'm thinkin' face grips and torin' off nails, hoe
I just wanna hear you payin', I won't fail, hoe
Tight ropes hold you down to the steel chair
Razorblades to the corners of your mouth, yeah
Blowtorchin' your pussy, it ain't a fuckin' thang
And then I like it 'cause I like to keep it fuckin' Strange
Turn the heat up on that bitch, go show her love
I turn the seals talkin', but nobody showin' up
I guess I'm trippin' off, maybe I'm just hearin' things
Fuck it though, I'm 'bout to feed this hoe some cherry brain

Verse 3: Twisted Insane

And the bitch scream when I put the razorblade to the pussy
Due to the fact she wanna be sick, so shit, I spit until it's gushy
Coulda been simple when I wanted fuck on a bed of nails
Heard you was the sickness, fillin' her pussy with some motherfuckin' snails
She told me it was like I feelin' that her pussy be in a hell
God said "nah baby, it's more like your pussy be in a hell"
I'm one of the motherfuckers that you read about when you deep in a jail
Grandmama told me I was an angel, funny because I'm a demon as well
I clamp the pussy open and dump bunches in uterus
This a dream, n***a how the fuck is anybody doin' this
You wonderin' whom would fuck you in the butt and womb, then drag your body to it's tomb, I'm not yo average goon
But I like to get drunk and go all out and fuck a raccoon
They took me off of my leash, shit, then the police so I'm like "zoom"
Fuck your booty with a hand blender, make you taste the cream
You may think that these are nightmares, I like to call 'em dreams


Verse 4: Mr. Blacc

Feel the cold guts as I cut in silence
Every time I rest my eyes, I see her slowly dyin'
Like bitches kickin' it, we some torture, horrifyin'
Murder in my dreams, psychopathic we smilin'
Eyes so wide, open like I'm driving on high beams
I'm scooping out her guts like I open the ice cream
I kill a deal, leave her titty at crime scenes
Meat Cleavin' like Lynch Hung, big kill was one of my mama's pipe dreams
Shots of Pyrex, ice, and meth and chlorazine
I use these stings just to cure the noise, screams
Serving spleens and male schemes, I get squeams
Guillotine rips some tight jeans
Bitch please, I kill with ease, don't test me
Something's in my sleeve, the weakest never resting
I'm the worst thing, monster with a mug mean
Flashin' a bone, I gotta have it, I'm a fiend