Twisted Insane
Blush and gush...
Blush and gush...
B-blush and gush... yeah!
Blush and gush... bluh!

Verse 1: Koshir

Start date and a fart full of thick blood (uh)
Sharp knives, girl it's time for a quick cut (uh)
Let me inside, yeah it's my stupid b*t*h c**t (yeah)
I want the life that you 'prived from my grip, sl*t (b*t*h)
Don't try to run, b*t*h (nah)
You know my feet quick (yeah)
You wastin' time if you think you beatin' me, sh*t (uh huh)
My adrenaline, all time high now
The way this sledgehammer meet between yo eyebrows
Got my d**k hard, I'm a sick f**k
I go to tear out yo guts through yo limp b***!
Start screamin', kinda like I'm on, really
I got you drugged up, chokin' on yo phone pillies
And your sister, yeah I'm gonna miss her
Wait at your stairs while I cut into your blisters
You know you f**ked, right?
It's time to die, b*t*h
Now stay still while I'm cuttin' out your eyelids


You may think these are nightmares
I like to call them dreams
I really hope you're frightened
Go on, I want you to scream
Blush and gush...
And the b*t*h screams!
Blush and gush...
And the b*t*h screams!
B-blush and gush...
And the b*t*h screams!
Blush and gush...
And the b*t*h screams!

Verse 2: Koshir

Headin' fast through the alleys gettin' calico
But I follow 'cause I need to give your neck a choke
I wanna point your juggalo right through your pretty skin
And p*ss all in the open wound before the very end
I'm dreamin' shotgun, I'm dreamin' switchblade
I'm dreamin' throwin' acid all up in your sh*tty face
I'm thinkin' face grips and torin' off nails, hoe
I just wanna hear you payin', I won't fail, hoe
Tight ropes hold you down to the steel chair
Razorblades to the corners of your mouth, yeah
Blowtorchin' your pu**y, it ain't a f**kin' thang
And then I like it 'cause I like to keep it f**kin' Strange
Turn the heat up on that b*t*h, go show her love
I turn the seals talkin', but nobody showin' up
I guess I'm trippin' off, maybe I'm just hearin' things
F**k it though, I'm 'bout to feed this hoe some cherry brain

Verse 3: Twisted Insane

And the b*t*h scream when I put the razorblade to the pu**y
Due to the fact she wanna be sick, so sh*t, I spit until it's gushy
Coulda been simple when I wanted f**k on a bed of nails
Heard you was the sickness, fillin' her pu**y with some motherf**kin' snails
She told me it was like I feelin' that her pu**y be in a hell
God said "nah baby, it's more like your pu**y be in a hell"
I'm one of the motherf**kers that you read about when you deep in a jail
Grandmama told me I was an angel, funny because I'm a demon as well
I clamp the pu**y open and dump bunches in uterus
This a dream, n***a how the f**k is anybody doin' this
You wonderin' whom would f**k you in the b*** and womb, then drag your body to it's tomb, I'm not yo average goon
But I like to get drunk and go all out and f**k a raccoon
They took me off of my leash, sh*t, then the police so I'm like "zoom"
F**k your booty with a hand blender, make you taste the cream
You may think that these are nightmares, I like to call 'em dreams


Verse 4: Mr. Blacc

Feel the cold guts as I cut in silence
Every time I rest my eyes, I see her slowly dyin'
Like b*t*hes kickin' it, we some torture, horrifyin'
Murder in my dreams, psychopathic we smilin'
Eyes so wide, open like I'm driving on high beams
I'm scooping out her guts like I open the ice cream
I kill a deal, leave her t**ty at crime scenes
Meat Cleavin' like Lynch Hung, big kill was one of my mama's pipe dreams
Shots of Pyrex, ice, and meth and chlorazine
I use these stings just to cure the noise, screams
Serving spleens and male schemes, I get squeams
Guillotine rips some tight jeans
B*t*h please, I kill with ease, don't test me
Something's in my sleeve, the weakest never resting
I'm the worst thing, monster with a mug mean
Flashin' a bone, I gotta have it, I'm a fiend