Twisted Insane
In This Game
New Twisted Insane, 2012
We runnin' this shit
Brainsick music
We runnin' this shit
B-b-b-b-brainsick music
Twisted Insane? Kill some motherfuckin' bodies!

Verse 1:

Let me put it like this
If it wasn't for Twisted you wouldn't be wakin' up right before they find you n***as
Go to your funeral, piss on your flesh like a urinal, do I really need to sit here and remind you n***as?
Nobody wanted to fuckin' with me so I started my own label and now I'm able to do what I want
They told me that a n***a 'sposed to be lavished up in a match it, but I'm labeled with maggots, look it I'm swarmin' the swamps
Shout out to 100 Beretta but I got a minimal son of breadin' motherfucker up in the game right now
Everybody overlookin' me like I wasn't in front of 'em, bustin' like I'm a gun that'll go bang right now
I offer them my serpents 'cause nobody wanna use it, now how can fuckin' anybody really not feel the music?
I eat a motherfucker so black I was flight of fluid, now I'm off to fuck 'em all to get this (Brainsick music) fuck 'em!
I ain't waitin' on shit
Lockin' up a motherfuckers like I was a pit
Doin' the voodoo and Imma put this spell on you and have you layin' naked all up in a dirty ass ditch
I tried to get a record up with every major in, and the padded game gave me the cold shoulder like I was a nothin'
I tried to be cool with every single day that it came my way but now it's me and my fans and the rest is like fuck it! (fuck 'em!)
Yeah this n***a done lost his mind
I like to hang out with these fans of mine and sign every autograph while in line
Every now and then I get a header on my wall with them big balls on my timeline
But what you don't know is we all twisted, insane, that's how I spank dough, better take your life, n***a

Twisted Insane, he's super sick!
And ain't nobody fuckin' with me in this game
He ain't got a deal, I don't give a shit!
'Cause ain't nobody fuckin' with me in this game
He may have exchange and expensive whips
But ain't nobody fuckin' with me in this game
Ain't nobody fuckin' with me in this game, n***a ain't nobody fuckin' with me in this game!
N***as that better be ready to kill everybody who's in my way 'cause the promise that AK's don't fuck (x4) hahahaha...