Twisted Insane
Women’s Job

Said change that tire
Fix that engine
Get in the kitchen and do them dishes
That's a women's job! (x4)
I said be my freak, pick my nose
Massage my feet, wash my clothes
That's a women's job (x4)
I said get that money, get that lick
Give it to me, pay a pimp
That's a women's job (x4)

Verse 1: BzoTrEmEnDoUz

If it don't kill you, then it don't hurt
I'm BzoTrEmEnDoUz, they be like "you a jerk"
Gimme a second, it's about to get worse
If you fuckin' with me, yeah first come first
Yeah, don't you spoil it
Get out my face, girl, clean that toilet (clean that toilet?) hella nasty
You a fine girl and I can't let you pass me
Uhh! Do what I say, every day, I don't play
I think what I think, believe what I believe
If I say it, that's your job to achieve
Yeah! You're not the first one on my lap, since a lot of garbage in, here, take out the trash
Come back broke, Imma beat your ass, but don't forget the kid, be all that you can

Verse 2: Twisted Insane and *BzoTrEmEnDoUz*

Build that cost, shovel that crap
Lick my penis, wipe my crack
*That's a women's job (x4)*
Mow that lawn, don't ask how
Feed them horses, milk that cow
*That's a women's job (x4)*
Take this BD, lie to the cops
Take this razor, shave that twot
*That's a women's job (x4)*
Was about a half ounce of white stuff in your cha cha
Hop on the plane, girl, make my guapa
*That's a women's job (x4)*


Verse 3: BzoTrEmEnDoUz and *Twisted Insane*

Don't be scared, jump in the moshpit
Don't use no gloves, clean up the dog shit (just clean it up x4)
*And I got a great big candy bar for you to chew*
*Toilet needs plumbin', you know what to do (just plumb it, girl x4)*
I don't gotta ask questions, you just offer
Do what I say, commit manslaughter (just chillin' wit' it x4)
*And you might be lookin' after me, wonderin' if you can take it*
*Stayin' up with me 'til 7:00, gettin' wasted (gettin' wasted x4)*