Twisted Insane
Women’s Job

Said change that tire
Fix that engine
Get in the kitchen and do them dishes
That's a women's job! (x4)
I said be my freak, pick my nose
Ma**age my feet, wash my clothes
That's a women's job (x4)
I said get that money, get that lick
Give it to me, pay a pimp
That's a women's job (x4)

Verse 1: BzoTrEmEnDoUz

If it don't kill you, then it don't hurt
I'm BzoTrEmEnDoUz, they be like "you a j*rk"
Gimme a second, it's about to get worse
If you f**kin' with me, yeah first come first
Yeah, don't you spoil it
Get out my face, girl, clean that toilet (clean that toilet?) hella nasty
You a fine girl and I can't let you pa** me
Uhh! Do what I say, every day, I don't play
I think what I think, believe what I believe
If I say it, that's your job to achieve
Yeah! You're not the first one on my lap, since a lot of garbage in, here, take out the trash
Come back broke, Imma beat your a**, but don't forget the kid, be all that you can


Verse 2: Twisted Insane and *BzoTrEmEnDoUz*

Build that cost, shovel that crap
Lick my p*n*s, wipe my crack
*That's a women's job (x4)*
Mow that lawn, don't ask how
Feed them horses, milk that cow
*That's a women's job (x4)*
Take this BD, lie to the cops
Take this razor, shave that twot
*That's a women's job (x4)*
Was about a half ounce of white stuff in your cha cha
Hop on the plane, girl, make my guapa
*That's a women's job (x4)*


Verse 3: BzoTrEmEnDoUz and *Twisted Insane*

Don't be scared, jump in the moshpit
Don't use no gloves, clean up the dog sh*t (just clean it up x4)
*And I got a great big candy bar for you to chew*
*Toilet needs plumbin', you know what to do (just plumb it, girl x4)*
I don't gotta ask questions, you just offer
Do what I say, commit manslaughter (just chillin' wit' it x4)
*And you might be lookin' after me, wonderin' if you can take it*
*Stayin' up with me 'til 7:00, gettin' wasted (gettin' wasted x4)*