Twisted Insane
Maniac (Featuring Dalima & Twisted Insane)

3rd Verse: Twisted Insane

I'd rather get mother f**kers up outta here
Thinkin' they finna run up
My killers will really fill up
Bodies in repercussion, never stop it when I'm bustin'
'Til the bullets find their way to your brain and I'm finna get up
Demon is really stickin', I'm doin' it every weekend
And murder is takin' over and the mind is feelin' numb
And so many wanna come for me
I don't really give a f**k, at first you talk, the type of number n***as on the run
Sh*t I made a motherf**ker feel the heat up from the gun
Pistol whip a n***a 'til his momma wanna come
Thank you Mr. W, cadaver with the shovel
Cut up a richer n***a, level when they shoot it just begun
Venomous step in the room and he burn em, whichever need take 'em into his den where he's givin' up on his enemies
Any person a friend of me, I heard a mother f**ker, was wolfin' like he was on a (?) like he dead to me
N-N-N***a (?) I'ma hop back up in the whip
Makin' sure he was split
Hit 'em all in the cranium, shoutout to my Ukranian n***as who full of sick
Burn him up in the pit
Mother f**ker was talkin' like he was already rockin' with murder up in his veins
So he was a violation and I was pushin' a body, made him beat it on my hand and put a bullet in his brain
Devil ready to talk
I'm ready to pop the trunk
And dumpin' him with the heat because I'm hotter, n***as top ramen
Never seen a individual to rub a n***a flesh on my chest
Mother f**ker we are not common
I'm a psycho, a schizophrenic and i be gone out the way and I'm loony