Twisted Insane
The Wrong One
(Twisted Insane Verse)

And leavin em running
Into the bushes i'm watching em p*ssin'
Nobody really come help when n***a be coming
It is nothing to put bullets in stomachs

Twisted insane give me tha heebie jeebies
And a n***a really make it look easy
Up in the straitjacket like i was Houdini
Creep through the middle of the night in the beanie

Some think i'm a weenie but peep he the sickest
Neuter their bodies like i was drunk gaudy
Off of La-Dee-Da-Dee motivate the vicious
Indeed just sleeping with the fishes
Multiply by all the n***as in ditches

Should i just live bloody in the ditches
And the rest of that sh*t was delicious
Wanna come on mothaf**kers what twisted
Can do for them sending them right over the fences
And before i could even in my trenches
Little n***a beggin' me for repentance

Sh*t, mothaf**ker i'm the wrong one
Been a menace since you seen a Tommy gun
N***a you think of my tongue
You'll be bumping your gum with no gum to bump hmm

Found out you wasn't ready to dump
When off of that pump
While you selling those tickets
Always wondering why nobody did this
Stumbling drunk and i'm off of that liquor bit n***a
But this sh*t is sicker than snot
Gather a spot just to watch where they drop
Thought you would spit this sh*t we spit hot
Murder a mothaf**ker when i go hop
I am the wrong one