Twisted Insane
The Initial High (Sick James)
Ain't nobody I will ever run from
N***as talking 'bout they will, but they will not
Everybody knowin' where the f**k I come from
Aiming for your chest and your lung for the kill shot
N***as talking war like they want beef
You ain't gotta come and lookin' if you want me
Blood I find you, think you tough well I remind you
Ain't no kind of buck up in my blood and that's on Bs
N***as talkin' Brainsick over
But there really ain't no other
N***as in my lane, they wonder whether we can bang
I bring the pain and Sick James is badder than a motherf**ker
Five deep at your front do' (N***a)
Ain't nowhere for you to go, we got the back locked
I be waitin' for you n***as with the fat chrome
Plus I got a lawyer who be doin' sh*t like Matlock (Aah)
People sayin' Insane fell off (N***a wack)
Man, they really don't mean sh*t (That's a fact)
People cannot wait, get the hell off (Shoo)
But I kept my brain on sick (Cha)
Came up in the game with venom
N***as went and stole my spit (Ah, sh*t)
To the cemetery I send 'em
The Brain will never fall, I'm a boss standin' tall, little b*t*h
People took my kindness for some weakness
Speak your peace so we can meet and
I'mma pull off undefeated
Ain't no peace, a f**kin' heater
When I come, you be retreatin'
Why don't you step up out the whip
Put down your sh*t and get to beatin' (N***a)
I be in the front of my Leonidas
Go against a f**kin' army with 3 hun'
Ain't nowhere for you to even run, laid up in the alley
Lookin' down the barrel of a pump, it can be done
Bodybag, auto mag, really on my sh*t
Don't get your man shot, n***a, wolfin' out your lip
Walk in your house, three deep, pistol on my hip
Dump from behind the mask, blast with my brain on sick
Put him in the back and put the chamber in his mouth
He never told me 'cause of [?] b*t*hes
N***as say they bangin' but they hangin' with some weirdos
Man, I hope you brought your blindfolds with you
Never saw me comin', put to runnin'
I be dumpin' at your noodle when the cyclone hit you
There really nothin' to it, but I do it
Bring your beef and I'mma chew it, you gon' die slow
Lil' motherf**ker