Twisted Insane
The Chow Hall
[Skit: Twisted Insane, C. Ray]
- Nah, leave that motherf**ker up in there, homie
- What's up?
- Aight, what's up, n***a?
- What's up?
- Gimme that sh*t
- [?]
- Ayy, you heard that new Insane, n***a?
- Nah, I ain't even heard him yet
- What? You ain't heard that new Insane?
- Nah
- T, ayy, bring that new Twisted Insane over here
- [?] my sh*t, n***a
- Ayy, this sh*t hard as f**k, n***a
- Ayy, tell that motherf**ker to bring me some Top Ramen, n***a
- Spicy
- It's on you
Sh*t, domino, motherf**ker