Twisted Insane
The Root of All Evil
[Intro 1]
I was mesmerized by her touch
Her arms entwined around me
Little did I know that I was in the death grip of a python

[Intro 2]

[Verse 1]
N***a, take a deep breath and come into my terror zone
Visions of murder infatuated with the monster
Somebody awoken and taking step [?] but you conquer
Tippy-toeing through the path with nothing but the voices talking to me, telling me "Murder"
Ready to catch one all up in my look, a reason to season and cook 'em like burgers
Now one of these motherf**kers gon' wake up out of their sleep and sh*t
And that's around the same bad time that I'ma commence the eating, sh*t
Put them on a middle of a grittle when a motherf**ker [?]
Chopping n***as all up into itty bitty pieces, your nephews and nieces will feel the abrasion
These people don't know, but they're facing my [?] with the venom
You think I was an OB/GYN the way I stick metal pieces way up in 'em
Sh*t that'll rip through your denim, somebody's awake, freeze, become the shadows
Ready or ready for somebody running with the machete, I shoot for the face, is you ready for battle?
Hit a motherf**ker with the rattle and you will meet Lucifer
Face to face with the devil and there's no telling what he might do to ya
The root of all evil