Twisted Insane
The Root of All Evil
[Intro 1]
I was mesmerized by her touch
Her arms entwined around me
Little did I know that I was in the death grip of a python

[Intro 2]

[Verse 1]
N***a, take a deep breath and come into my terror zone
Visions of murder infatuated with the monster
Somebody awoken and taking step [?] but you conquer
Tippy-toeing through the path with nothing but the voices talking to me, telling me "Murder"
Ready to catch one all up in my look, a reason to season and cook 'em like burgers
Now one of these motherfuckers gon' wake up out of their sleep and shit
And that's around the same bad time that I'ma commence the eating, shit
Put them on a middle of a grittle when a motherfucker [?]
Chopping n***as all up into itty bitty pieces, your nephews and nieces will feel the abrasion
These people don't know, but they're facing my [?] with the venom
You think I was an OB/GYN the way I stick metal pieces way up in 'em
Shit that'll rip through your denim, somebody's awake, freeze, become the shadows
Ready or ready for somebody running with the machete, I shoot for the face, is you ready for battle?
Hit a motherfucker with the rattle and you will meet Lucifer
Face to face with the devil and there's no telling what he might do to ya
The root of all evil