Twisted Insane
The Initial High (The Insane Asylum)
Twisted Insane: It's right up here n***a

Man I hope so, we've been walking for 20 f**king minutes, man...How far is this sh*t anyway?

Twisted Insane: I don't know, I've never been this far deep

F**k...What the f**k is that?

Twisted Insane: I don't know, homie. Come on let's go in

Hold up n***a you wait really? You sure? N***a what is that right there?

Twisted Insane: It look like a moat

Like for bodies and sh*t?

Twisted Insane mumbling: I don't know

That's why I was gonna stay my a** in the house. Hold up n***a you finna open that sh*t?

Twisted Insane: I'm finna open the doorknobs

Oh hell naw, n***a

What the f**k is that? N***a what is this place? Where are we n***a?

Twisted Insane: It's an insane asylum

Oh no. Oh my God. Yo what the f**k man. Get outta here-

Twisted Insane: Shut yo b*t*h a** up n***a. I think that was [?] in this light. Damn

No. I'm getting out this motherf**ker. I ain't cut out for this sh*t. I promise I ain't gon' shoot another n***a. I ain't gon' rob another motherf**ker man. I'm done. What the f**k? What. Ahhh