Twisted Insane
Hear No Evil
When I roll down that window
Shit is hella funny, Duck Hunt Nintendo
Run up on 'em with the voodoo, you have no clue what you in fo'
It'd never be the problem
Anywhere you want it do where we can solve it
I could pull a fo' deep on a slow reap, hit the backyard like I'm Kimbo
Several of 'em on the rad hats
So you better take your n***as back back
Before I have to share them and I hit 'em with the rat-tat
It don't even matter anybody want the beef I put em on the platter
They be at a spatter, turn 'em into batter
If it got a benefit then I be at that
Like I don't know why i'm so
Ready just to make a rifle go
People talkin' bout he rappin' too fast
I tell the bitches that am I too slow?
Never seen again I'm off and disappearin' like I'm a ghost
But im really between the sheets when I'm peepin' her vagina hole
Brainsick n***a, til the day they let me in a, home before I bar I eat you bitches for dinner
Smoke you down to the butt and my minds about eat (romper?)
So people tell me 'you suck' I'm like how in the fuck you figure?
Time I cut 'em up and then put their body part up in a vocal
Fuck it, doing a couple of (God of Polis?) so if anybody wanna go
Pullin' my pistol up off of the ground hit the ground
Everybody on the floor
When you fuck around with the Brainsick get your brain split 'fore I go
Oh no
5 4 3 2 1 hook a ride for me
Walk in wit' a hunned and fifty-two motherfuckers who would die for me
Violently, murder n***as, Twisted Insane he tried to be (bitch n***a)
Hit em with a hollow tips look then hide the heat