Twisted Insane
Kill Or Be Killed
[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
I return from the dark, hit 'em with a spark ain't no peace
They don't wanna be the one to end up in a alley with me
I know when a n***a's that be runnin' from no justice no peace
Got 'em all up on a plate, the buffet, watch the monster go beast
I don't even want to just speak no mo'
I will have to break in your van, get a whole van just to even score
It's Star Wars, you C-3PO
I'm Darth Vader, ain't no savior finna save ya, the cedar go
Click-clack boom, fill the room
When I mind you, behind you but two nights are bustin' on fifteen
And my cider was vital, ride up beside you, I'm goin' against the grain, while I turn your brain into swiss cheese
Bitch please, I'm gettin' sick of tired of when you n***as put my name up on the bottom of the flyer, desire
Fuck it I demand my respect
They don't wanna give it to me I'ma burn 'em in the fire
I turn around and I'm alone again
Everybody turn their back on me, I'm start to get some soul again
Now watch you rappers tryna phone a friend
Long range, cock back, I aim, at your dome again
The underdog who was thrown to wind
They both are like that final scene it is gonna be fatal, label
The bad guy of the underground, I put it down and makin' sure they feel the human tornado
N***as wolf on the internet but they never did it (trip)
Wanna be like on the B and I will not forget it (trip)
N***as rappin' like they would've had they sat all night they might go on and bustin' with the rhymin', who the fuck you kiddin'
They tell me how a n***a weak got no flows
How they feel when I be up and they come pull up at my show
I be waiting for you right up at the do'
Anywhere you want to go I'll let you motherfuckers know n***a