Twisted Insane
Keep On Going
[Verse 1]
I’m coming from a city with no pity only death
I can’t get up and go
Without the police on my neck
I try to put out music
But the people always slept
Now I hit the avenue and I maneuver for the set
Ambitions never met
I try to set a goal but I ain’t make it tho
Someone tell me how the fuck I’m supposed to make it broke
I made a joke so n***as don't know how to take it tho
Fuck up out the way when I go pull up in my ?daitons? post
Ain’t no-one formidable
Blood I’ve been hospitable
Hoe n***as don't call me when the situation critical
Fans are saying look at what they did to you
Ain't nobody trippin blood the damage is so minimal
Criminal and I begin a daddy in the daytime
Doing everything up in my power so they stay fine
Ready with the weapon
When they step and try and take mine
I'm really bout my shit for my kids I will take nine
How many gon' be up in my funeral?
How many gon' extend their hand? I got no money
All the other rapper n***as happy for my death
How many gon' put a little change on my GoFundMe?
Tryna break a cycle, one n***a named Michael
Standing in the window wit the automatic
People call me psycho
Ain't nobody even trippin' I be sippin' on the bottle
When they come and get me for my death
Lookin' like a wreck always threats on my life though
Now they wanna end me
Career really need help don't got any
No remedy no friend of me
But enemies got many
No hate no tour dates
But mini me's got plenty
I watch it all on youtube when I'm sippin' on my Henny
Trynna see the day I tell my kids I have made it
I used to beg for change so I can get up on the bus
And now I go for broke till the day I'm cremated
And try to get them straight before they burn me in the dust
[Verse 2]
One to the grave but I'm doin' somethin'
Still, I caught a fade n***a you was runnin'
Never got an A but I could of done it, shoulda, woulda, coulda n***a I ain't even with the front
Styrofoam cups with OE
They say I need to quit it but you people know me
Some habits die hard and it's Killin slowly
Shit is dripping out my liver like I got a slow leak
I do it for the kids wit no money at the park
Told me it was funny coming from the man with no heart
I do it for the people who have told me that I couldn't now I got a couple fans but still I stand up in the dark
I don't give a shit what n***as say about me
I been sleeping in the dirt since I was thirteen
Been broke been cold been beat by police
What you think you know half you don't even know three
Tatted on my arm at sixteen
Spend the last 20 years turn that shit to mincemeat
N***as preaching love you will not convince me
Ready for whomever when they come against me
There ain't a human being that I fear
I'm ready for whatever so what's left n***a
I been rapping on these mics 20 years
And they gon have to give me my respect n***a