Twisted Insane
1 V All
You ever feel like it was you against the world?
Like everything and everybody was against you
Twisted Insane

[Verse 1]
It's about 1 AM, I don't know, I was so gone on gin
N***as all in my inbox saying how it feel with no friends
I'm good, better off by myself, no help, no trends
Spent the last two years hella motivated tying loose ends
New Schwinn on the roll-up, what's the hold-up, I'ma go nuts
Chopping n***as with the lead smoke like I'm dead broke, twenty fo' bucks
That'll treat me like I'm E.T wanna breed me just to roll blunts
I be in the waiting room training for you n***as that be eatin' donuts
It is me roll up when I'm pushing three fifteen, what you want?
Ain't no secret I'm on the same shit as Cheech & Chong
It really be giving me powers and get me strong
When you wanna take a trip just take a hit up of this bucket bong Pull up and I got the MAC out, finna blow a n***a back out
I ain't fucking with the highway I prefer we take the back route baby I'm too sick with a demonic wit us might blackout
I be standing butt naked looking out the window with the strap out
They walk away from me like I'm the walking nun (what happened to all your rapping homie?)
I ain't talk to none n***as
I follow, shoot and eat the fruit and get father, son
Better off looking in I sense two piss from the water gun
I'm Godzilla when on mic and people tell me I'm an odd n***a
Buried in a lie motivated by the n***a thinking he could but dies wit ya
Back in 96 when I really want to hit licks and go ride with ya fourteen with the chainsaw doing all them, my jobs with ya
I'm in your hallway in the night time remember me?
You was selling them bootleg Blu-rays and DVD's
I pull out a pistol shoot your knees until you give me cheese
Looking for me I be in 'em in the party already had it with the Vietnamese
One million deep I'm Bruce Lee(hi-ya!)
Jump out n***as turn 'round like, who is he?
To beat me is gonna take an army
But I be right there standing when it's just you and me
It's one versus all
Hop out by myself (pull up)
Hop out by myself(hideout)
Hop out by myself(pull up)
Hop out by myself(hideout)
(anybody want it I be at the with the gun )
Hop out by myself
(anybody want it I be at the with the gun)
Hop out by myself
(anybody want it I be at the with the gun )
Hop out by myself
(anybody want it I be at the with the gun )
Hop out by myself it's one versus all

[Verse 2]
I done been around the world did tours booked shows myself
In the studio with the wicked flow doing videos no help
Tryna get a foot up in ain't nobody get the music on shelf
Ain't nobody back a mic up better back up it is bad for your health
What you gonna do n***a in the game of life it's a chess move
One step up and you get fucked man down and your dead too
Normally up on the trip but shit kids been here starving
So now I'm really getting started rents due
Come on everybody wanna motherfuckers even step up from the death
It is that guy n***as looking at me like the bad guy from the west
No stress, never acceptable in a minute while I progress
I been took mine from the bottom, I ain't ever stoppin' that's the process
Ain't no kind o dummy greened up like I'm Gumby
Everybody knowin' who the sickest, I be killing bitches Ted Bundy
You ain't ever gotta ask, everybody wondered if I'm hungry
Cause I'm still broke and bummy
I'm three hunned, real Spartan
Rapping n***as like mummies plus I'm rapping like I'm just startin'
On the evil side and I ain't tripping of off no barking
You wanna come with it and pull up I promise you that there'd be no dartin'
I'm Michael Myers on the 31st Halloween
You're looking at the devil in the eye n***a pinch yourself it's not a dream
What about we do this hit ya one on one and make a n***a wish its not a ring
Bing-Badda-Badda-Bing Badda-Badda-Badda-Bing
Ain't slept don't scoop n***a til' death
I maintain at your neck
We gang bang on the set, respect
I get slumped til' I give one you get checked
Twenty bottles in the middle of the week it's murder realized I'm a wreck
Brainsick and the flow wet
Wanna win better go get
Wake up motherfucker ain't no more dreamin'
I am just one man, n***a feeling like the lord of the sith
Look into the eyes of the last demon
It's one versus all
Hop out by myself
Hop out by myself
Hop out by myself
Hop out by myself
(anybody want it I be at the with the (?) )
Hop out by myself
(anybody want it I be at the with the (?) )
Hop out by myself
(anybody want it I be at the with the (?) )
Hop out by myself
(anybody want it I be at the with the (?) )
Hop out by myself it's one versus all