Twisted Insane
Upside Down
Man some days I feel like I'm finna end this sh*t
Put my face straight in the barrel of the Remington
There he go on the floor drinkin' Henny hen
Promise when I wake up I won't drink again
All I really can say is I'm trying it feels like I'm dyin'
If I can't take me a swig
Straight to the face the temptation is sick
Ain't no complacent adjacent to this
Don't nobody wanna face-up no racin' like his
Turn around and had to give me fictional tears
Even though he had a wife and mo' stripes and four kids
Put the man upon the street, deep
Ain't nowhere to even sleep
Confident about the benefit of what you reap
Every day we're livin' someone gotta feel the heat, geesh
In fo' rounds it will go down in defeat
Someone gotta tell me why, why my f**king auntie died to cancer
When they looked me right up in my face
And they told me chemo was the answer
Really I was tryin' everything I mean I took it to the necromancer
Even put her on the Mary Jane, I mean I never could of did it faster
Hot dogs at the ball game, home runs in the fall rain
One call then we all came, made sure to keep the lawn tame
Finish it before the days end we came in and we all banged
Some bad, some good but you looked at us all same
Caught me smokin' on the black and mild and you ain't tell my mom sh*t (that's tight)
Me and bottle had a shootout that night
I used to leave a n***a food out at night
(I mean)
You used to pick it up
It feels wrong now that you gone I ain't give it up
Every time I need a couple bucks you generous
Used to talk about the trolls on the internet how they so venomous, full of hate
Tho how it made, me hella mad but it's hella sad they have no dates
(oh wait)
You suck's all you got to say
I be tourin' all around the country you be on the internet all day (okay)
But imagine they were big qwop in a tour bus (brain)
There'd be more jobs there'd be more food there'd be more of us
There'd be more if I got my foot up in the door gorgeous
Tried the mainstream, independent kings ignored us (f**k 'em all)
And that's sad
Now I'm on a mission gotta get the bag
Someone tell me how the f**k I get to Vlad
What I gotta do, I'm runnin' with the rap
Put me on a plane, I'm never comin' back
And I'm always livin' even if I can't
Everybody is around me always mad
Got me wonderin' on who the f**k I rap
So I got to watch you walk upon me, you can talk
And stop and think about it 'fore you speak
Intellectual all up in me is the reason I will leave him breathin' for about a week
Never knew defeat
You ambivalent, equivalent to criticism in the street
I was in the kitchen lookin' at one bag of top ramen for the week
I leap
In the fire, b*** naked while I'm drippin' gasoline
Then why the f**k i always gotta tell you to pa** the weed
I'm broke as f**k no love no bag of green
But when it's time to war I'm Ice Cube No Vaseline
Gathering, smithereens
Hold up b*t*h don't speak you need Listerine
Hope one day I'll make it to bigger things
Smoke too much broccoli I'm sh*ttin' green
Hate's really in the heart when they showin' love
Better think advance when you shake their hand
Try to put the enemy up in the mud
Ain't nowhere to run and I be damned if I be drinkin' tryin' to drown myself up in my blood
The devil in me every time I have someone this n***a try to infiltrate us with a buzz
Four bloods
In the front seat, boutta dump heat out the window
Ain't no game, we ain't playin' Nintendo
Run away, 'fore they aim for your mental
We could be up in your bed at night and they be comin' through your residential
Maybe it's the way I murder n***as on the stage
Sweared if any minute's independent, how the f**k I'm barely gettin' paid
Were only 17 so what you mean I'm only gettin' better with some age
Just wanna fill the bag up, 'bout to get a (map?) for those who want me in a cage
Choppin' anybody to the ground but sh*t this really isn't 'bout a race
N***as overdone and I shall overcome whatever's comin in my face
Anytime I get the urge to really murder
Take a look into my kids and think about the sacrifice
A n***a better get 'em out and put 'em in a better place
Upside down