Twisted Insane
[Verse 1]
Dare a n***a wanna run up anybody want it I be in the front
Waitin' for you boutta wait, bitch, never say shit, n***a jump
Nowadays they wanna come and test me since I did 'I Dump'
Catch another body and another body in a room in my trunk
How the fuck they wanna go against me blood I ain't no punk
Got a million people in the back [?] but got no real slumps
People sayin' I'm a mad man god damn man too much
Tell the people that you 'bout to eat me when you reach me you fucked
Had enough
Ain't nobody 'bout to speak on, im'a feast on
Anybody wanna speak a negative about the Brainsick on Link On
When they tell me I'm an animal, well then fuck it bring the beast on
I ain't wit a chicken when he comin' with the beef then get beeped on
With Young B-Bone pull up on em in the old school
Big homie can I roll too?
Blood, I don't know you
You might know them and, some of them your friends but, all the shit I had to do, you did not go through
I'm in the dark with the poison, killin' myself
OE wit' a strap and two pizzas killin' my health
Fuck it if I gotta go then I gotta go out on my own lid
Everything I ever did bitch, did it myself
Ain't no help ain't no handouts, no money
Catch him on the flipside, beat him like he stole from me
There's nothing we can fix, you like a snotty kid
Then we can get it brackin' here's a napkin blood your nose running
Matter fact I been up on my lonely, fuck em all
When the back is far down for the run it better tuck the ball
N***as got my name up in they mouth, but it's time to stop this shit, it's getting close to lunchtime, I eat rappers like butterball
You ain't got no love? Nah none at all
Im'a just stay lit with the Brainsick infusions
Stupid as fuck anyone thinkin' they can stop me
Comin' back like Rocky
Killin' all delusions
All's in my hea-ee-ea-ee-ea-ee-ead
Hea-ee-ea-ee-ea-ee-ead (x3)
All's in my

[Verse 2]
I'm always known for winnin' never feel like losin'
Right now I'm in your speaker, sorry for intrudin'
One day I'll be on top they tell me it's delusions
But they won't ever stop me from makin' some new shit
Some people wanna talk, put their hate on my music
I try to spread the word they gon' say I'm a nuisance
I try to wake you up, get you n***as the blueprint
I try to motivate so you n***as can do shit
I hit the trolley cracks and I'm throwin' it up
They say the shit too fast so I'm slowin' it up
Been tryn'a reach the top, why you holdin' it up?
I made me a new album, we blowin' it up
I used to wanna try to change the world
Until they said it wasn't constitutional
I used to wanna try to win a Grammy
'Til people told me that I was delusional

All's in my hea-ee-ea-ee-ea-ee-ead
Hea-ee-ea-ee-ea-ee-ead (x3)
All's in my
[Verse 3]
Sittin' down, doin' interviews, people askin' me what your life's like
I was born and raised in California with the palm trees and the drive-by's
Better watch out where your goin', you will get your T-shirt, wet tie-dyed
Wear the wrong color in the wrong hood, up to no good and it's night night
Pull up and they got the police, don't freeze
Better get to pushin' 'fore you get to whoopin', man down, 54th Street
Lose, when I got to picket in my phone 'bout to death for my own fee
We need more businesses, this is what we don't need
Really when it's 'bout us
I be chattin' n***a, save up
I still wanna say thanks to those who put change in my cup
You know the people that ask you? That was me walkin' up
And those that buy my music, I can't thank you enough
It lets me know that in this world there is people like us
Used to ride around all day and then fall asleep on the bus
I bet I been on relationships without havin' no trust
Feel like people always chasin' me, win the race, it's a must

All's in my hea-ee-ea-ee-ea-ee-ead
Hea-ee-ea-ee-ea-ee-ead (x3)
All's in my