Twisted Insane
[Verse 1]
I responded like this, open up a n***a trunk, get my shit
Finna get up into that shit, I never cross-match with a sick
I'm a schiz, take the body way, way out in sticks
Put your body in the ground, I'ma take my dick out and piss
Shit, n***as in the buildin' will kill and be spillin' shit
Now you're really lookin' stunned that I know who the fuck he dealin' with
N***as'll get snapped back yo cap I'm still peelin' it
Doo doo doo doo, doo ain't no chillin' shit


[Verse 2]
Ain't nowhere for you to run to, it's full moon
I be at 'em wit the witty automatic, set to bring you to doom
Everybody wanna get to brackin', I will spray and then fill the room
Try to hide up in the bathtub in the attic from the wicked you
Faded, with the wasted, stay lit, with the Brainsick
Wasn't even 'posed to hit the weed, n***a fuck that probation
Everything tryna stop me from tryna get on top I got
People tryna put up barricades, n***a now who is hatin'?
I guess I get gangsta, fuck what you thinkin'
Stood up on a bottle with the OE, fuck what you drinkin'
Insane all day, they gon' have to bow down to the KO crack
There is no way you will ever get this ship to sink
And then the moonlight night stalker, chalker
Put 'em all in a puddle of redrum, a real walking dead walker
People can all act like I ain't shit, I rep the Brainsick

[Verse 3]
It's night time, never know when n***as like me be out lurkin'
Stand there waitin' for you wit the weapon I be rappin' now to put the work in
That be curtains, everybody finna lay up in this hoe and that's for certain
Ain't nobody gonna get up past and get a foot up, rather be burnt men
Choppin' anybody, everybody come and get it, is you wit it?
Ain't nobody fuckin' wit me, don't nobody really get it, I'm too wicked
Psycho individual to wanna murder every critic, I did it
I ain't finna listen to nobody less they wanna tell me just bigot
I am one deep with the scythe, heater by my side in case you wanna fight
Murder in the night, put you in a coma, take your body when I leave your body shot
Fuck yo life, I be in the old school, tryna murder people with the wife
Yeah that's right, spend a couple weeks teachin' how to cut n***as with the knife
Slice, like Kimbo, when I pull up, rollin' down the window
What you in fo', ain't good, I ain't playin' no games, Nintendo
In the pent-ho, matter fact I'd rather hop out, break dentals
They be tellin' me I'm one fry short, need to sort out my mentals
Rapping like a human Tommy gun and where you wanna run a reaper comin' for your neck
Standin' right behind you, ain't nowhere to hide, so hurry up and die the body hit the deck
Drop him down the path and then if it a wreck, a foot up on the gas and ain't no next
I be waiting for you with the business with the head up when they come out west
I don't ever rest, I be on the helmets at the NFL
Faded off a n***a, got a n***a layin' in my throw up
I'm Sick James n***a, ain't nobody in the game that's like me
I'm the king of all kings homie with the wrath like hold up
Hold up, n***a, again?
For real?
Every time?
What's the problem bro?
Bring me the motherfucking blood n***a, I'm in here tryna do my shit