Twisted Insane

[Verse 1]
Fresh out my sleep
Already n***as on my phone wanna leap
Wake up, load the K up, time to raise up with the heat
Somebody callin' me all type of names I won't speak
Fuck that jibber-jabber, we can run and tattle get your brains splattered in the street
Everybody tellin' me you ain't the homie speakin' on me for a week
Talkin bout he wanna actin up better be careful what a n***a reap
Really, I will take your jaw bring it to me raw, I will cook your beef
Take your mind up on a rimspin like slim did to reek
Hold up, Luigi, I'm goin' in there for the three-peat
They don't wanna see me on the one-on-one, I really wipe a n***a like a squeegee
40 bottle by my side, a n***a hit it, and I'm goin' back, I got my feet deep
When I hit a knee what kind of liver lookin like a rillo when you about to reheat
My psychosis got me off in tye dyed oceans
I be smokin' on the weed and getting hella paranoid, bye bye, focus
They don't want me in the end, but can't nobody give a n***a my diagnosis
By ought this I know this, I wrote this, mind hopeless
Chewin' everybody up and like they great okras
If you wanna pull a heater on a n***a better make it sure there's no safety
Everybody think a n***a freeze stay geeking from my dopeness
Everybody think a n***a might explode 'cause I'm so brazy
Addicted to the sick shit in the trees (In the tree)
Man, this shit, umm, this finna be a breeze (This finna be a breeze)
He act like he so down with the B
Pssh, n***a please, you couldn't stand one of these
Fuck you mean
[Chorus: Dayo G & Twisted Insane]
[?] out here
Brain on sick, they gon' get hurt
Fuck you mean
[?] out here
Scary when buried in dirt
Fuck you mean
I shot [?] with the Devil last year
Deep in Hell we gon' sell merch
Fuck you mean
[?] out here
Put in ass, put in that work
Fuck you mean
N***as actin' hard by yourself on your phone
Don't be actin' scared like a n***a ain't said it
Fuck you mean
[?] every day when it's on
Now I'm standin' right there when his ass jetted
Fuck you mean
You can try to run really fast and hide
But I promise nightmares, n***a beheaded
Fuck you mean
Ain't no way in Hell that your ass don't die
You can tell your momma that my ass done said it
Fuck you mean
Drunk when i wake up in the mornin need a latte
You dont really wanna get to n***as shoot they breath
Kickin like karate
?tape the pistol in your mouth?
And get up in a duece duece bugatti
Told em all about the man
Feeling like im jackie chan off of teriyaki (ugh)
Kill em all up in the regal watch while they tap out (ugh)
Told me that you want the hands
Then pull up in the glass house (ugh)
I dont really give a shit about what you can rap bout (ugh)
Ak47s in the freezer blow your back out (ugh)

Told em all that i be comin
When im on the track and ain't nobody runnin from me
Get the gun and homie on me tell me when im on the map
And put em on their back and fake the demon ain't nobody breathin kill em with the rap matter of fact

Ain't nobody hearin that (ugh)

I will never make it fuck it then

*Will continue transcribing later*