Twisted Insane
Runnin On Empty
I be feelin' like a n***a's woulda known them (that's real)
Already faded man the forty bottle need fluids
Do I want another bottle n***a don't tempt me
Come to think about it, n***a mama sayin' don't do it
Really got my fuckin' loner
I don't wanna be here, round you bitches, can you bitches get up off my nerves, I'm just sayin' (that's real)
I be all up on muhfuckas on super sayan (that's real)
Run up on a n***a for the rope then come play (yeah dat)
Better win
On a situation if you wanna voice
Gotta move I'm a motherfucker, shit I break the house like I got a choice
I don't even got nowhere to go I gotta go and catch his ass
So he'll never run to me run the fucker right into the mud and shit gotta make a lot of noise
And I ain't even got a lot of boys, to post up on the caption
Can I get a glass of water feelin' parched and that's droughtin'
Doubtin', myself, I don't got no help, I be on the shelf
Don't nobody want Brainsick Muzik they all like that poutin'
Everybody wanna get up in the booth and cry me a river
You speak your truth but my mind I deliver
Got a motherfucker feelin' way sicker
Then you, any given Sunday my fun days I zip up
Walk into the boulevard then get hit up (where you from)
The millimeter put a call you get dead up (where you from)
They can run away, I try to keep it duckin' for the plug
But I promise I be on bloods 'til more slugs 'fore you get up
Blow your shit up, if a n***a really took a shot at me
Diggin' all up in your brain, I mean I'm down for givin' bitches a lobotomy
And I ain't even trippin', nowadays it's really easy, catchin' n***as slippin' get another victim to get my McCarn and the homie acting like we hit the lottery
Watch you mean to tell my homie comin' down now everybody got a lead
They ain't even give a shit in movies all up in the fuckin' Chuck E Cheese
Bustin' like a movie here come out the uzi and you wanna talk about some kinda peace?
You better get to duckin' when I get to buckin', bullets whizzin' through the streets
This shits real