Twisted Insane
What More Do They Want
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Really ain't nobody raised me, shit
I was on the corner running with the killer’s millimeter by the backside
Always had a bottle with me and it really never took away the pain
Blood, I gotta bang n***as always hanging to the floor and I ain't ever had no bike ride
Flashlight, all up in a n***a face when they pull me over
In my G-ride, what it be like, it's a green light and I'm sober
But you pull me out the whip, man, you wanna go blam bam like a soldier
And walk around with the mask on like it's 31st, October
Every day I think about a suicidal home and maybe get to hoppin'
I will never stop, I said I kill 'em all
And I will bring the venom of a spitting cobra
I could be up in a comet there my former lookin' like I'm on my death bed
Rockin' with Obama, sleepin' really get to chewin' n***as like some okra
It's over, everybody is a vulture, I could throw a fit and show but I'm sick of fightin', I was ridin’ so take my life
Fans always at me sayin' thank you for savin', but it's you who saved my life

[Hook: Swisher Sleep]
I been listenin’ and payin’ attention, it should be simple, I still don’t know what they want from me
I done put my soul in it and I’ve been on to get it, I still don’t know what they want from me
Father to my children, they need sum'n I get 'em, now what more do you want from me
What more do you want from me, what the fuck you want from me?
Should'a been a seller, should'a been a buyer, should'a been a liar
Put 'em in a fire, hit 'em with the iron, send 'em in the siren
What more do you want from me?
Shouldn't be real, put 'em on the timer, hit 'em with the sliders, spin 'em with the spiders, stick something in his tire
What more do you want from me?
This shit isn't how I'm 'posed to be, I'm 'posed to be able to feel the love
What more do you want from me?
I'm already so numb, I can't feel the drugs
[Verse 2: Swisher Sleep]
I'm already so numb, I can't feel the drugs
I'm already so numb, I can't feel the drugs
Woke up out a weed coma, tryna clear the fuzz
Looking for my brain, this shit is not where it was
Don't nobody hear me, they all flapping their gums, I'm
Sick of talking, I'm finna walk in the bank, stick up!
Pistol on 'em, but n***a better not hiccup, my hand trembling
Pick up a n***a walking the kids to the Make-A-Wish on the [?]
Let's get ballin', just don't bitch up
Quit the solmn, Hakeem Olajuwon spinnin on em
Quit the falling, I gripped my balls and I get it on 'em
Dropping game, I pick the ball, I get little on 'em
Keep it silent, I slither up, I spit venom on 'em
Ceremonial burial in my stereo, there he go doing aerial acrobatics committed on 'em
I gave my soul every bit of it
I've been out here, been living it
Climbing mountains in tennis shoes without slipping on em
I do this on the daily
Truth is I do it without 'em paying me
I love this rap shit more than anything
You can ask my lady
When they say I'm not the best it makes me crazy