Twisted Insane
Brainsick 1.0 (Verse)
Hit 'em whenever they wanna run up and get a bullet up in they noodles
Choppin' 'em up into pieces, doin' the feces when I'm doin' the voodoo
Thinkin' about my thesis, finna be deep enough in telekinesis
Takin' 'em off a leash and put a meat shredder through your fuckin poodles
Over the top and people lookin' at me like I'm Godzilla
Comin' up out the ocean with bullets ready to kill 'em
I seek 'em like I'm a pillar I'm lookin' for my division
Maybe thinkin' that they would suffer then I'mma potato peel 'em

Takin' em in the back and puttin' a sack over their dome and tell them, "Tell me everything i wanna know or they fucked"
Finally get to talkin' after i told 'em it would stop but when they tell me everything i wanna know they're still fucked
Dumpin' 'em at your bunk and finna be puttin' your body in 'em
And then they don't wanna see me when i really do my thang
I will cook 'em in the kitchen and eat 'em up with the feast
MuthaFucker I'm