Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: Lil Face]
You come from around here
If you was raised a product to this thug life
Where the little n***as earn stripes boy
Running up and taking flight
Sick to the brain like Manson was dirty dancing with this strap in my drawers
I doubt that you want it
I'm popping on everything boy the fool is the law
How can you stop me
I'm here to step them right back from the fences
Plus I got a squad of n***as on my side that'll send studs through your kitchen
Red chucks, blue chucks it just don't matter
Fuck with anybody from the Nutt Factor and your brain will get splattered
So we'll scramble them n***as like puzzles
I'm a mongrel all in your jungle
Now better yet I'm a beast
Mutated into the streets
Monster that you now see
So understand this little piece
When you fucking with n***as that rising up out of they graves in they sleep
Now close your eyes and don't peek
Cause we gonna start busting this heat
And make you faggots retreat for thinking you fucking with me
Or anybody in my circle
We off the gas we passing the purple
We keeping it street with no commercial
Why else they corny like Steven Urkel
[Hook: Twisted Insane, Lil Face & T-Nutty] x2
Is you gon' smash?
I'ma pick up my gun and pop that n***a in the ass
Is you gon' mash?
I'm the type of n***a you don't even ask
Is you gon' smash?
Murder anybody in the middle of the night with the flash
Ignited it off with the gas
(For the n***as that wanna run up and get smashed)

[Verse 2: T-Nutty]
Well I'm the definition of a Nutt Factor
So you motherfuckers better recognize if you don't know
I'm a guy from the deuce four
And I move with the troops that'll shoot for the loose soul
Lace your boots I'm finna rape the booth and demonstrate to you a true pro
I think the time has come
I'm finna find the gun
And go hard as you motherfuckers choose
I get loose
Like a tire missing a lug nut cause I'm Nutty-Nut
The type of n***a that'll rip through your brain just like my n***a Twisted Insane
We keeping it deep in the game so speak of my name get you fucked up
Run over suckers like dump trucks
Moving on shooters with nunchucks
I'm established n***a
Fuck you faggot n***as on my nut sack
Cause you the type of n***a with the strap that ain't gon' bust back
My n***a fuck that
I'ma get off and spit a harder round
And get off the pound that I stripped him for as soon as I get to the town
People get down
Me and my little brother Face
Shoot for the face
Shoot for the blue laces
Big homies fighting cases
Gave me the game n***a
With the fame n***a
Come respect everyday n***a
My name get bigger
Cause I'm a vet
[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
Take him to the dojo
When I'm popping off a bullet for the
Popping off a bullet for the brain
Creep around the corner with n***as that really wanna run up on a motherfucker popping off with those things
And a n***a end up in his burial place
Perpendicular perp
I put the body all up in the dirt
I hit em with venom
I get up in em until I'm sending him to the bottom of the middle of the earth
And individuals that wanna hit him in the shirt
Jumping and pumping and chopping up the locked gate
Cause a n***a doing heavy when he putting in the work
Not to mention the individual n***as that wanna pop bang
Got them bodies jumping up because I'm popping off
Chopping em all up into itty bitty pieces
One for the gut
One for the arm
One for the throat
To a motherfucker hit him with it for his reasons
N***a do you really want the heebie-jeebies
Pushing it on a n***a till he pushing up daisies
And I think it's funny when n***as that really want the money run up on a honey and a ho gon' pay me
Motivated by the ladies
But not the ones working and carrying rabies
And they gotta pay me daily
Cause n***as will try to knock your bitch and take the gravy
But I'm a bad motherfucker homie on the rilla I'm a killer in the middle of the night
Taking at the gas and not that what's in the pack and will really throw you in the middle of the flight
Throw a n***a head upon the ground down with the rocks
Who can compete with these n***as that spit
These n***as start running when I get the bumping my gun because I've early been verbally vicious
[Hook] x2