Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
I’m really a demon when you look inside me deep, I’m Lucifer
Play with the ouija board, it ain’t no tellin' what I do to her
Step in the room and doom and get your mood beat up
You’re fucking right I eat you up, I got you feelin' like you’re up on Jupiter
Some o' them on some other shit, smother shit
I really don’t wanna sit here and infectin' n***as ears with your swag crap
Talking about your face and how you’re rich
I bet you wish you was the shit, my n***a backpack
Some will say it’s ignorant, curse you like deliverance
Don’t mean no disrespect, but no respect is what you gettin' shit
Nobody wanna be you on the TV screen, get what I mean?
You fuck around with me, you get my alcohol belligerence
And people call me crazy, but I don’t give a fuck
If you got more money than me,you ain’t never on my level
Put you in the abyss and now your people’ll rest in piss, and I will send you to the de-vil
Ain’t fucking with no radio, that’s gotta be the worst shit
I heard up in my life, and now executives control it
I guess I keep impressin for the west
Like I was death and keep off messin with my old chick
Put it up in the deck and turn it up because the shit is sick
Banging out the trunk and you could bump it with the sickest bitch
They say I’m the wickedest, could just split your wig
With some of the venom, sippin' the gin and juice, induce you with inequities
?You tumble and run in a mountain? Who was doubtin'? Look how they Brainsick shoutin
Feel I’m with my people when I’m on the fucking stage
You only want the money, it ain’t funny, callin' n***as bummy
Buyin' all your Cd’s to get you motherfuckin paid
I hope you choke and die of AIDS, my vampire ways
Want me to drain you for your blood and leave your body left lifeless
If we keep on rollin' the way the BS will go on, we gon' end up in a crisis
[Hook x2: Charles Xavier]
Man, I think it’s time to wake up, hit the game up
Let ‘em know what’s on my mind
Everybody’s draggin’ they feet
And they passion is weak and they mad on the street from you swine
Ain’t nobody fuckin' with that lower level music
I’m ‘bout to lose it and finna kill 'em all day
And they really love it when I come and light the fuse and
I bring the fusion, and then I dig 'em all graves

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
I’m over the top and you can find me buzzin' with my drink in hand
Pull up on you, hella faded bustin' out the mini van
They can try to run, I guarantee they will not make it
I will strip ‘em till they naked, now I’ll show you what the semi can…
Do when I’m on top of you, pullin’ the trigger, leavin' a n***a
Screamin' about his life, like he was riddled, but he wasn’t hit
I can fucking kill him but, that would only mean
That I will have to waste a bullet, ‘cause to me he really wasn’t shit
I take his blood and smother it
Make a happy face upon the window while you’re lookin’ at me through the other side like…
Now you’re comin' face to face with Jason in the flesh and bringin death to a n***a, bye bye
Took him up out his misery, turn him up into history
Sever the meat, I need to eat, at least I got the victory
Comin' to me, you need to cease before I get the heat, ?capiche?
I’ll touch you with the piece and then I leave the scene, a mystery
People on the radio be thinkin' that this shit is cool
Wearin' skinny jeans, bright pink and a monkey suit
I don’t really wanna hear this shit no more
I’ve had it up to here with this, I made a wish and hopefully it’s coming true
I post up in bat cave, with a black bat, like I’m Batman
But I’m just a bat up out of hell
He tried to tear my hair, boy, did I tell you that he failed?
I come back from the grave and then I see you straight to tell
That motherfucker that this shit isn’t my cup of tea
And I won’t listen to it if it was the last on earth shit
Put it in the dirt, man, I know your feelings hurt
But I ain’t really heard no worse shit
I don’t really listen to it, keep it on the under-
Ground, makin' my speakers pound like it was a thunder
When is everybody gonna realise the game is in demise
And everybody is blind as Stevie Wonder
[Hook x2: Charles Xavier]