Twisted Insane
FO Real
(Twisted Insane)
Yeah, I be on my sh*t
Put 'em in the river
I deliver you the sick
Demwonz won't you go into
The room and get the b*t*h
Put the pistol in her pu**y
F**k around and make it click
Creep with the wicked
Ain't no time to kick it
I been moving like a spider in the
Night time crawl
The b*t*h wasn't breathing
So we had to leave her in the hall
Get it wicked n***a
Im in awe, just like Saw
But its not a movie its real
Devil was there handling me the Uzi to kill
Peel, people skin right up off of they face
I just wanna get a taste
I ain't ate no meal
Brains and the bloodstains of my victims
Cover me, I was lucky, ain't a witness
Gotta flee like a track meet with the quickness
Ditch the heat, hit the side street with the business
Its people that be acting
They with it but they really isnt
B*t*hes, when you see 'em on the real life scene
People they be talking about how they got cream
Im about to let the bullet rip thru spleens
Zip thru Jeans , f**k it !
Imma leave a n***a leaking
Put 'em in a coffin just for mothaf**king speaking
Keep it up and get yo whole face beating
Tell me why the f**k we gotta do it every weekend
No nice buddy , knife all bloody
Gonna kill , put you in the trash bag to be dumped (x3)
Its so sad but a toe tag with a full mag to be pumped (x3)
Any motherf**ker wanna get it
Won't you go and step up to the plate
Thats about the time you will learn that Im psycho like Norman Bates