Twisted Insane
(Twisted Insane)

And I was often known for the dome split
Get n***as who trip and get to gunnin wit the pistol I whip
I shoot bullets to the windows of the homes of bitch n***as
Who really wanna get up and get on some shit
I send that ass to the coffin quick
Cuz where a n***a from all I ever saw was evil and treason
Little homies runnin up wit the gun
And tell me they dont even know but it is fun
To kill a n***a for no reason
Its on when its open season
Fuck the police
Get hot up in the streets
For kickin that peace shit
N***as'll get sick off followin muthafuckas
That end up gettin swallowed by the belly of the beast
And now everybody all pay attention when a n***a speak
Mad from a lifetime of disgust nothin else to do wit my time
But gangbang and write rhymes
Why the fuck you think I tell you my business?
I dont know whats the conclusion
I ain't never losin
I'm sick of n***as muggin when they crusin
Now all these muthafuckas wanna hop again
I'm brusin I kick the type of shit
That will blow ya whole roof in
N***a saw the .44 now he actin like he dont bang no mo'
Funny how a n***a changed fo sho, shit
Muthafuckas is tough
Right before they get hit up
By some real n***as wit some real triggas at yo throat
And even if you n***as try to run away
They would all get smoked
Everybody real from the braids to the shoes
And I was in the house wit a 40 in my mouth
Laughin at you muthafuckas on the 10 o'clock news
N***as'll get battered and bruised
Slippin would only make you a murder victim wit those slugs
Different situations is fillin my occupation
Whatever a n***as facin is waitin that's on bloods
I bring you muthafuckas pain