Twisted Insane
Floor Boards
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Blood on the floor boards probably from the murder that went down right before I moved in
Blow it off and I ain't really trippin' had my share of victims, so I'm feeling six foot ten
Been up in this b*t*h a couple weeks and I can feel it when I'm walkin' in the hallway then I noticed something different
Everywhere I go I got the heat now, why the f**k I gotta act like this when I'm up in my own kitchen
Open up the fridge to get a gla** of water and I see a shadow get to movin' out the corner of my eye and I'm
Trippin' and I'm really wiggin' out because the only thing up in my hand's a f**kin' gla** of water and some iodine
Why am I actin' like this dumb sh*t cause I'm home alone and ain't nobody in the f**kin' house with me
The light in the basement, the water in the bath how the f**k I hear the noise up on the third story balcony?
Tryna get some sleep? N***a! I be in for thirty minutes, then I'm getting woke up by the moans
It's always soundin' like somebody talkin' on the phone little kids always laughing and they humming out a song
Summoned a demon by the devil, I don't know what I'm dealing with and maybe I should really get to pushing
Hoppin' up in the whip and never get back before they attack I would'a been faster but I never had no pillow for my cushion
You tell me that you don't believe in ghosts? Hmm, well I don't know what I am looking at because it's looking back
And I don't wanna make no sudden moves to get your noodle cracked the only thing I wanna do is walk up in the room and pack
Enough of this, I been out for the dough, I gotta go and I ain't signed up for the motherf**king ghost on my porch or
I don't want no more or for another second, lookin' at 'em harbourin' the blood stains on my floor board

[Hook x2]
Murder kill, murder yeah
Murder murder kill, murder yeah
There is blood on my floor boards
So much blood on my floor boards

[Verse 2: Kamikazi]
Mind control I'm controlled lost in a realm where time is slow
Life is so, when I'm off in my own hell I can go where the lights are low (cypher souls)
Deep in the underground I found love with the knife I hold
But when I awoke, what I was told
Will you commit a murder? Well I suppose..
That's when it happens take a blood bath then a match to the mattress
I'm strapped in hear the sounds of the blackness
Smell the rigor mortis from an ill practice
Have you ever had the urge to kill?
Hit em with a power surge burn 'til he has to squeal
Ask i will.. Go against everything I believe even if it means mask and will
That's for real..
Make you wonder why me? Sever veins let me summon my peace
I'm inhaling my weed I'm concealing my deeds and I'm really feelin Brainsick will center my chi
Breathe life into me like right when the beast might strike in the night what a sight that would be knife twice in em
Ain't no Minnesota nice in 'em neither my venom like 9 millimeters wit the sights in em
I'm playing tug'o war for now and you would never know the pain of an orphan child
Morbid smiles in the rain when its pouring out and we the motherf**kin' problem they should warn about.. You hear me?
Flash images fast past in intervals black plague the ritual cynical individual
Black bag the minimum that face you givin' 'em castrate the victim of when the mission is critical
Ain't no love for those wicked as us sick enough for bone flesh and guts MK ultra folklore
Influenced from another dimension unlike some I just wanna be done don't give me no more
Angelic demonic spirits and cold wars summon every demon from here to Vatican warlords
Either that or familiar patterns in full force
See the brain matter when blood splatters the floor boards