Twisted Insane
Pray... pray...
Somebody better...

Verse 1 Kaseek:
Somebody better pray, if these bitch ass, mark ass n***as tryin to live another day, I dare one to come get the fair ones, time i spare none rather give u fucks a buck 50 across your face, (this n***as crazy), aye what you say? I'm just another fuckin LL Cool J just licking my lips, why is this? Coz I too am looking for some pussy around my way, my face always looks grumpy, i'll cut you short leave most n***as stumpy, my brain has a twist that makes me feel pumped b, like having yo' main chick and your side bitch chillin wit me comfortably, do u get it n***a, paint a more vivid scene or should you watch me drill her, I'm the reason your wack ass met her, needless to say topic just became an album filler, somebodies gonna pay, or they gonna find that Ortiz don't play, fuck around I'll come around wit pliers to yank the teeth out your mothafukin face, im noticin yall been wishing to die, I'm on this henny n red and I'm fixin to fly, hope yall continue praying, cuz I'm saying, I always leave a scar to remember me by, I walk like a killer, talk wit no filter, I'm in touch with my demon inner, the cold runs deeper, I just so happen to see it clearer, i am karma I am the reaper, I am Sparta, and you are beiber, you n***as is Marsha and apparently the only soul you got is your sneaker

Pray... pray...
Somebody better...

Verse 2 Twisted Insane:
Pray for a n***a life
But you still fucked
Drunk and I’m on a mission
When I’m in a minute, wait a minute baby
You need Jesus, Pray fetus, for the sick minds
To a bitch im into pieces
When I walk up to a n***a
With a pamphlet, Damn it
Don’t need it, You keep it
Sick thoughts, gotta kick rock, too vicious
In the kitchen with a bad bitch
Booty hangin’ out, Who do dishes
Pull up with a bag and 2 swishers
One deep off of a bump bee with a bitch names Delicious
Come fuck
I got one tucked in the chamber
Try to run around and hit a n***a
With a millimeter but I thank ya
Bang ya
Pull up and kill some like Grande
Finna drill shit N***a ,real shit
This hate, pace picante
On they
Lay homie, don’t play
I will just keep it Real with me. Don’t feel for me
Nah. Fuck that bitch kids
Keep this
Ain't nobody in the whole Room can't beat this
Strapped up with a mac tucked
From the shell toe Adidas
Off another bottle
I be getting hella wicked
They don’t really get it
I be in a corner with a black mask
And two whammys
Put two in your one brain
Take a plane to Miami
Then lay up for like 8 months
With a bitch who can’t stand me
Take a trip with neo through the matrix
Then found out. One more for
Make sure your brain just go ape shit
Nah fuck that imam get em off like they did
Might run away from the gunplay
Can destroy murder cases. Face it
Looking at your death
Blade at your neck
Water your step
Before you get stuck like a dope head
Woofin til the big bad wolf woopin
N***as be on tough guy
Take all day
Till I pull up in the mo-ped
Don’t nobody wanna fuck around
And have a dinner date with the reaper
Brainsick in the speaker
Flamed up like I’m eather
Hopin out like your hammer swole
With a hoe wit a wife beater
Ain't nobody on my level im the devil out yo' tweeter
Pray... pray...
Somebody better...

Verse 3 Kaseek:
Stay out my lane, feelins done changed, never let another lame cross me again, keep your guard up guy, you'll find out when I decide to claim your soul mine, day you turn a blind eye, better watch me close, I'll keep you on your toes, if you talk guns for one you gon' miss like Shaq free throws, fuck that coz you wack please bleed slow, tho, we all know, most of you clowns don't wanna go there, talkin, will only keep a dead man walkin, your knockin on the Devils door on the wrong hemisphere, n***a you crazy, catch a tombstone for misbehavin, your God didn't raise me, feeling is surreal, spacey, like fucking a zombie hoping to make some babies, let the dark side define me, don't mean that dark is not a Devine being, im on incline easing, soul sweeping, pass it along, have a grapevine meeting, pay attention to the wording, could be simple or disturbing, body surfing past of no returning, cold burning purgatory purging, doom doom doom doom, your breaking the rules, and I did not approve, when you enter the room, the pain that I'll induce, you'll wish that you left your family with heirlooms, lay the cat out with the ak, smoke on some Bombay, hit em with the melee, chop em up in fillet, till this little rascals body decays, someone call mayday, you better hope that they pray..