Twisted Insane
The Path
I remember this one time man. Me and my mom was in the mothafuckin' alley. She was goin' through the dumpster, lookin' for clothes for me to wear. As she was holdin' a shirt up to my chest, to see if it fit me, one of my friends, from school, was walkin' by the alley, and he looked down and he seen her hold it up and knew that it came out the dumpster. I was in the 3rd grade. I used to be in the closet for hours homie, tied in the muthafuckas. And I was only like, what, 4 years old. You know what I mean, I jumped up and shit. I looked out my mothafuckin' window. I seen some n***a jump over my shit in my backyard runnin' through my shit and shit, pistol hangin' out. You know me, I'm always different. I didn't choose the path I'm on. This path chose me. I'm just walkin' this mothafucka tryin' to figure out where it lead me to

You can make a movie out my life
Pick up a knife
Pick up a bottle, pick up a pin and pen and then I write
I'm tight, some people still hate me though
Prolly the mothafuckas that be playin' shit off of the radio
Go ahead, it's like my video it's all gravy though
And ask ya biatch why in the fuck she play me fo
Play with the pussy whenever she see me on YouTube
Thinkin' about Twisted and schism whenever she do you
She the sick game, I'm just a muthfucka named insane
The minute I enter ya brain, you with the keepers fucked up off of cane
I'm not about to give it to ya B
But I'ma just say "Fuck it" I'mma give it to ya beezy
And choppin' in the muthafuckin' noodle if a n***a were to woofin'
I'm wolfin' like I was Mike Teezy
My brain is uneasy, I'm off
I gotta lust to bust, get off
(I gotta lust to bust, get off)

Ya I get so offended homie, when I hear the shit. Cause this is real shit homie, you know what I mean. When I made Kick Rocks, that shit is real shit, you know? That's how I felt at the time. Visions is real shit. You know what I mean, it was like visions that I was havin' of death that I still have to this day. I don't know how I'mma die. So, I'm not sayin' I'm slobberin' bars full of muthafuckas everybody'll love. But I'm sayin' I coulda been. I coulda did this. I coulda did that. I mean, what makes me say that answer. It's just the way my mentality was tortured. I mean, I went through hell, since birth
Mind on rotation, and I'm on fuck the world shit....