Twisted Insane
In My
I'm gonna do this sh*t like this homie
This is real, it's been long time and coming n***a
I've been trying to put this motherf**kin album out for 5,6,7,8,9 years homie
Sh*t, wanted this motherf**ker to be a cla**ic, a motherf**king masterpiece homie
You feel me on my sh*t n***a
You know what I'm saying, because on the real homie if a motherf**ker don't feel me on my sh*t
Then they motherf**kers just hatin homie period, they motherf**kin lyin and sh*t or they motherf**kin hatin homie
You know what I'm talkin about, n***as can't even talk
N***as can't youknowhatimsayin, n***as can't...

[Verse 1]
N***as can't even talk about my gangsta cuz I'm steel
I'm still hittin switches and bustin a match of grill
Maniac in black and attackin n***as like a 6-4
Comin in on the top of the body of you and you b*t*h ho
I spit ?, so many bars and so many stars i see on TV
Can't even f**k with T-W-S-T
Believe me, I'm even the n***as that do it off the top
Hurts my brain, I can't believe you're rich and I am not
It must've been a plot rottin to get you dirty-poo-a** n***as
Cuz where I'm from, you'll be the last n***as
To ever get on a stage without gettin your a** beat
Not just as deep, n***a hit the streets and come to south east(south east)
Gangbangin, khaki saggin, chuck-t's
Just post up for one second watch how fast they bust these
N***as I'm f**kin around out here, you say you have no fear
Better be true cuz n***as ain't f**kin around on here

[Hook - overlapped by 'In my Chuck-Ts']
You know what i'm sayin n***a that's real than a motherf**ka
N***a I've been doing this motherf**kin music thang n***a for so f**kin god damn long homie
So motherf**kin long n***a, you understand what i'm sayin, and I'm still struggling like a motherf**ka as I speak on this microphone right now n***a
And I'm still struggle like a motherf**ka to pay my bills and eat my motherf**kin meals n***a
That's real

[Verse 2]
N***as I'm around tellin me they always feel the drama(the drama)
Can't stand relationships and f**k my baby's mama
Just send them all to the drama and keep spittin
And f**kin these b*t*hes one by one and keep hittin
If you's a ?, f**k you if you think I'm bullsh*ttin
I'll take your a** to the house, throw you over the couch and stick the d**k in
Infatuated with all your groupies cuz you love to go to the shows
And go straight to the mo mo's makin p***o movies
Stick in, sh*t in and get Gucci
P*ss in your mouth, sh*t in your mouth and then I get out
But not before I smoke up all your doobies
And stick the sh*t in your booty
One way trip to the factory
Smoking up so much weed that I think I got somebody after me
The fact is G, movin around the corner hittin' in my pimp ?
And I still I do it all for the game, cuz n***as don't say no names
Yea I move but I'm still the same and man that's a ?

In My Chuck Ts x3