Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: Twisted insane]
Goin up in 'em
Hit 'em with the shit that have a mothafucka beggin' for his life before I split him
Eat a n***a flesh, it wasn't me, the devil told me what to do
And so I did it rip a n***a like he denim
Sacrifice a chick, never the one to be the one to run away from nothing, I'm a motherfucking pervert
It could have been the pornos
I don't give a fuck because my hormones
Got me jackin’ off until my nerves hurt
Choppin’ up the body, drag you to the lobby
No one tried to stop me when I put her in a choke hold
Fuck her while she's dead
Cut the bitch's head, leave her in the red
I'm no joke when im on the Four Lokos
And I'm feelin' phenomenal when I'm on the Brainsyck
Put one in your face to contest them for motivation
Put one in your stomach get ready to make you vomit
Whenever you really want it
I hit you with fornication you were murderer masturbation
Kill her just for the taste'n put her up the basement head of a murder case'n put it up in her face and havin’ a mothafucka put yourself in full of hatin' and murderous situations
You sleepin' with the fishes, I have to be killin' sickness I'm servin' 'em with the visions, I put 'em up in the ditches, I'm killin’ up anybody that wanna be superhero, n***as'll get deleted, I'm leavin' without a witness
And you dont wanna be the one thats lookin at me like a n***a really would not put you in a river
When they hear me comin'
Better get to runnin', off 'em with a gun
Because you're fuckin’ with a silverback gorilla
Machete up in your liver we leavin him in the freezer
Havin’ 'em beggin' please, I'm finding somewhere to stick it
I don't give a fuck about your beggin’, I cut him off at the leg and I'm steadily motivated by the wicked
[Verse 2: Crucified]
They don't wanna see a two-piece when it's all completed
They receive it ?? thats how long it takes to get em
I don't really wanna bother
Motherfucker we can get him
With the fuckers of 20 minutes squitting him
I beat em i can tell the way they look
That they don't really wanna get at me
But when it come to slaughter is when they become my enemy
I'm 'posed to do with dollars and I bloody everybody
And the ego-feeling sorry motherfuckers gonna stop me then its ON. Better help me kill and bury 'em, I put him in the cementary
Find it sanitary
Am the one thats kinda scary
Cause I'm murderin' and scarin' 'em
They calling me the Freddy I'm the knife that is given em
I'm fucking incredible on a murderer level
I get to hurting the Devil in circle, working the schedule. Pick up a chick and I gotta pick it up quick and I gotta get 'em for real, it's impossible to be logical. Fury and fire
To make a motherfucker tippin' and now you don't retire
Into the method, I be sick
Hand 'em a gun, I'mma kill 'em with ?? I got a
Competitor that's a MOTHERFUCKER BITCH
Capture on 'em, gotta get 'em and I swarm 'em
They all fall down, I threw 'em off this fuckin' portal
Got ima killing my skillin till over the river, fillin' 'em up with the venom
Spillin' the blood off your liver. Open up a bottle
And then drink up all the liquor, finna get him with the bottle
Moving quickly to deliver. Swingin' at the face and they can
Take it to the head But they really gonna get it, feelin' fucked up by the winner. We're quicker to gain
What they get for the plan
When we split up your brainthen it's kill and you drain
All of your blood watch for the tongue
Its Crucified creepin' with Twisted insane
Im wicked