Twisted Insane
Tongue Tied
[Intro (Backwards)]
Kill everybody in the house
Get up off your couch
(Gun clicks and laughs)

[Chorus x4]
I'm a n***a that'll hit 'em with shit that'll make
A motherfucker back-flip
Hit ‘em whenever, due any weather with a 9 or Beretta
Doing it better when I hit them with a hatchet
(I be leaving them tongue tied)

[Verse 1]
I'm known for chopping these n***as, so I hit them with the sickness
But I'm keeping it Brainsick in the head as God is my witness
They can all sleep with the fishes, place cut up with the
Razor blade slices
I could stop at once, but twice is nicest
When you up in the crisis stuck with the sicker n***a, thinking 'What the fuck just happened?'
Better take another look at your husband's guts along the cabinet
N***as think that I'm just rapping, go up and just jibber and jabbering
Run up if you're ready to go against the machete ready for the sticking and stabbing
My house of a thousand corpses
Take a trip with me into Hell's Kitchen
Cut them off at the knee injury, robbing Cupid, they drinking fifth is still itching
Hit them with the faker, no tripping, it's finger-licking and I'm super hungry
Cause I'm up off the sweet and I gotta eat when I got the munchies
Hovering over her with no bungee, jumping like a motherfucker with super
Dave looking for a renegade, to save her twat and fill her pooper
Someone like the reaper, jeepers, creepers, never know who be creeping
Strapped with a mask on my face, hit up at the waist, punch a n***a when he sleeping
[Chorus x4]
I'm a n***a that'll hit 'em with shit that'll make
A motherfucker back-flip
Hit ‘em whenever, due any weather with a 9 or Beretta
Doing it better when I hit them with a hatchet
(I be leaving them tongue tied)

[Verse 2]
Do you really know who?
What you really wanna do?
When Imma come and killing one, Imma come and kill the other, too
Take an n***a and put his face into the way its crude
When I never liked too, never really realized to hit the nuke
I was hella faded getting ready got my driver cause I was telling him I was ready for my fourty number two
Drinking on my motherfucking bottle, got me so intoxicated as to what I was really gonna do
Who thinking about what I'm gonna do
Got me walking around cause I really want to take in my surroundings
Take another minute to put out my scissors, wait n***a, my heart is pounding
Mecca Lecca High, Mecca Hiney, Ho!
If you hear me never had to get a new dosage
Take another look because he gives me up this shit because then I will be in deep I keep my composure
Had the car high up in the swishes
But swimming with the homies and bitches
Hop up in the coup just in case anybody's a trip, I got tools in this
Everybody's screaming when they're running from the demon
They be high tailing it so they'll be swallowing the semen
Thought that you was dreaming but when you awoke I was standing right above of you leaning
There's monsters under your bed at night, I've seen them kids
Monsters in your closet when your parents go to sleep they eat your ribs
I'm-I'm serious.. Look, look, there he is
(Gun clicks and shot twice)
-What's up now, n***a?!
(Shoots gun repeatedly and leaves in hijacked car)

(Twisted Insane drives by and stops in front of victim on the road)
-Grab that motherfuckin' body, put it in the trunk, homie, and I'll put this in the front seat

I don't give a fuck if motherfuckers wanna run up over the n***a that would shoot up a a n***a with a rizzle
Hopping off into the woods, there would be too many n***as tripping off on me because of the pistol, n***a it's official
Hit them from the front with a batch of my batter, be looking like a spider and gathering them in the middle of the woods
Every one of these motherfuckers all proceeded to trip, so they'd put bullets in me if they could
Serving them with some that murdering all good,take them and put me with the killing
Then i hit them back into the liquidizer just fucking with them, fuck them and make me a million
Rolling up in diamonds shining as if i was up in a museum
Have you seen them when they looking up into your visions?
Gleaming down a motherfucker blocking and im popping at n***as throughout the planet, goddammit im wicked
Too many proceed to prop off Hennessy and Imma be swerving, don't want to hurl up all my food and shit
Gotta keep it together throughout the weather anytime i really get to spitting, Im stupidly sick
And n***as know I'm the truth, I can do horror shit and i can do mainstream
I can cut off your feet and have your ankles look like gangrene
Pull a minute out, wanna get it in, eat spinach like I was on Popeye shit
Shoot For The Face, i repeat motherfuckers, that's who is cool, I got my shit
Peeling off when they don't slip if I leave a n***a bleeding with a bolt in clip
I rep for the fullest, get out from my bullets, everytime I do it for Brainsick