Twisted Insane
[Verse: T-Pain]

Throw me in a cage with a lion and a bear (I'ma kill em)
That motivation I ain't lyin' I swear (I'm the n***a)
I got my ear to the streets
Back to the bullshit
I'm tryna eat
I'm on my full shit
Homie I can't listen to what you saying stop talkin'
Better watch the way you talk to my clan homie start walkin'
Wait a minute when a n***a really get it I'ma go off
I’m gotta prove it to him
I think I'm Big Meech
Larry Hoover

[Hook: T-Pain]

I'ma tryna eat
You tryna sleep
If you a dog
Then I'ma beast
And the beat goes
I know you hate it
Here go my motivation
Bruh, I'm with my dogs
Fuck us, no n***a fuck ya’ll and the beat goes
If you know they hate it
Let me get you motivated
[Verse: Twisted Insane]

Motivated by the money in the middle of the winter with the people that be eating everybody reppin' dinner
Here we go again i'm finna drop it off in thin air when i'm poppin they be droppin if you really want it bitter
Did it for a minute, I am no kind of beginner
Spit for the who's who's of the rap music
Fill em full of venom, I am no kind of pretender
Shoot like a deuce deuce full o' gas fluid
They don't wanna see me with the money of a genie
I'm a meanie, when I cut 'em what I really got comin'
Wakin' up in the mornin' and feelin' phenomenal funny comical spittin with no food in my stomach (what?)
No food in my stomach
T-Pain contest like I'm not too cool to be on it
Who's finna come up with the run up
Get done before the sun up
I am here homie, who really want it?
I am no-one and nobody in the world coming better
Choppin' anybody with the verbs and the letters
Mosh in hurry for ya earl in my sweater
They don't mix with the juice from the curl on my sweater
Some of you n***as is okay
Other n***as a'ight
The rest of you motherfuckers is like hmm
Comin demented im finna win it whats the life of a sinner of bottle
Eat 'em all up like mmm
I hit up every record label, nobody was listenin'
Spit it with the venom, but nobody even mention him
Choppin' up a bullet, when I'm poppin' off a bullet if a n***a really put my time into it I'm a benefit
Comin around the corner watcha album consume
Everyone when I walk into the room
Thought you was runnin' til I pulled the gun out now you have been hit with the (BOOM)