Twisted Insane
Split Up
Hook x4
Slide through the dark off a night time shit with a clean 4-5th and your wrist I split up

Verse 1 (Twisted Insane)
Slide through the dark off a night time shit with a clean 4-5th and your wrist I split up
Brains in my plate and I play with this food 'fore I eat it for the moment I am sick I get up
Knife in 'em and I'm on a mission in the middle of the night when everybody put their babies off to sleep
I be lurkin all up in the mental while they mention me whenever I be takin motherfuckers off their feet
Double it when I be coming and flippin and gonna be poppin at everybody that wanna go up against me
N***as already tempt me
To put a bullet in your menoodle
Send you to funeral trippin up off a Bentley
Fuck your life! Conversation is minimal
People tellin me that my music is sendin you subliminals
Sick of livin in slums and how you bumpin your gums a motherfucker keep wolfin I'm rippin off n***as' genitals
Better make way when the Reaper come, I told you n***as all the visions that are right around the corner!
He comin for you it don't matter where you from, I was born and raised in San Diego California
With the fully auto with me and I'm off that shit
Put 1 up in you or 2 up in you or 3 up in you or 4 up in you
I'm finna fill you with bullets or how you runnin back to the captain I'm wonderin why them motherfuckers said you a fool with it
Feelin like I was soon hades the frontal poppin the carnival looking into your soul
Say you looked around the world and couldn't find me...
I was up in the pitcher house smokin upon a bowl
I was up in the murder fest I was up on a roll
Fill em with bullet holes then I gotta get away quick
People they wanna wolf and they gettin put in a hole
N***as they wanna switch but I'm always keepin it sick
Brainsyck n***a!
Hook x8
Slide through the dark off a night time shit with a clean 4-5th and your wrist I split up

Verse 2 (Dikulz)

Slide through the dark off a night time shit with the clean 4-5th and your wrist I split up
Comin to harvest your guts, cuttin the carcasses up
Eat your flesh and the rest I zip-up
Huh, man I'm gettin a feeling
Spitzafrenik, get a medic, gonna be makin a killin
And try to use a lot of blood when they pull through the building
And making you a piñata watch you hang from the ceilin
Now watch... As i beat em and peat em
I cut em and gut em i weed em and clean them
I grade them fillet them i even cazeed em
Im evily creepin I'm leavin em leakin
Yeah ima sever their veins
Be clever remember I'ma smother their brains
Then they wanna fear the sync of the lyrical chain
Firing Squad, Brain Sick yeah remember the name
So back-y the fuck up before I go chunk em cause i got no time to just mess with you twats
Unless you wanna get it, going kamikaze with it I'ma catch your body with it cause you're here to get shot
Dead on the spot cause the artform they losin
Or let them just rot cause we often just rude to em
I'm causing contusions they off in illusion
We constantly bruisin them thats what we do to em
So i just lash at their face and I grab the duct tape and a sign to explain to them I'm simply amazing
I step on the stage and I get really iller, yeah I play with his cranium
Alot of people wonder if i took it too far but i tell em hell naw man this ain't shit
Alot of people told me that i need to go in switch but i tell em hell naw cause i gotta stay sick Brainsick!
Hook x8
Slide through the dark off a night time shit with a clean 4-5th and your wrist I split up

Verse 3 (Z)
Slide through the dark off a nighttime shit with a thirty four fifths in next time i lever
Tryna chop em til they coughin use a formic as a box gonna bounce off when they talk or when hands they don't shiver
Spray blood on the picture get a religion for my dinner while sicker than chewin faces off of bath salt thinners
Murder fitzginner
Blood on my head and the shadow's little blunt lit lurkin on beginners
Chop em into pieces
Never really had a relationship so almost had it blooded it was jesus
True will the meager for the shank to the geekin yeah sick for the prefit or put the blaze to the deakon
Sick for a reason
Rolled in lovin ima sit out at the nutter when i was fightin with my demons so i can tango with defeat em with the coffins will oblete em for the music that was finna top they got me really leakin, beastin!
Man they dock for the look of my face think these drugs just kicked in
Brainsick from this coke and this weed and this drink so i think ima pull some sick shit
Explicit is when the secret is to overdose
Took in the doe for the bros so they don’t bleed or boast
Sharpen his flows out of his head that says to break the ball
Catch em in the dark or let it spark or let it eat their soul
Im outa control, and my mouth's fucked up words on some literal shit
They go tether will split up and have fun to kick it think it's safe to baff include the evidence
?Creeded? the residence, sicko
When I have conversations with my stainless
And I can warn you about the premeditation
But they still go brainless while the squad go "Brainsick"