Twisted Insane
Call me Krayzee
Imma schizophrenic
I be hearing people talking to me
I don't even know where they begging
Having hallucinations facing my demons
Feeling defeated jacking my penis to tell you my brain is different
Put em in the trunk and hall em all to the morgue
Teach em with the basics
That i skin with razor blade
Thats going in and i admit
That i have sinning i might do this shit again
Im givin the murder with the pen and hold up while i get my win


The sick terminator
Mind full of evil the cerebral
So lethal beat you heat you when u was hater
My alcohol level got me talking murder was the devil
Im going at ain’t no motherfuckin name for u to wait up
Wishing it was made up but n***a this shit is fictional
Spend majority of my time doing the voodoo rituals
Smearing the chicken blood with the acid up in his face
And your family will read about it in tomorrows ?abbitiual?
A hard little demon
Scarred wicked and vicious
And n***a faded
Looking like im tard when im leaning
I got a couple of em locked away up in a cage
And i can make anyone of em garg with my semen
Im fuckin nutty
Orangutan locked in the basement
I call that shit my fucking buddy
I know you people probably thinking
What the fuck
I may be weird but please don't judge me
I could be a serious killer ready to fill em up anytime you're ready to burn em up with gasoline
I hack em all into pieces and flush em all with the feces
That took me up off the leash and
Im comin to smash your team
Back to back i mean im always a little
Aggressive whenever i press em i fill em with sick
Im feelin so supernatural ready to go to battle
With anybody saw me only fuckin with a stick