Twisted Insane
Deep Thinker
I used to have suicidal thoughts at night
Sit up in the room with a razor blade
If ain't nobody would care if I took my life
’Cause as soon as we all go, it's like we fade away
Thats why I think about this so much and embrace the shit
Sometimes I really feel like I cannot take this shit
We don't belong in a motherfuckin’ cage and shit
Just last week I jumped on some racist shit
What does that tell you about how far we have come?
I'm not to be held accountable when I hit 'em with venom
You know that spittin' venom
Not the kind that the cobra would give 'em
At first he was talkin' to me and I be shakin' and shiverin'
A lot of these motherfuckers lying when they rap on the mic
They do it for some fame but they ain’t rappin’ they life
They comin' hella hard, say they fresh up out the yard
But the truth is they ain’t pulled a strap or a knife
Everybody equal, I'm telling you G
If I ain't shit, what makes you better than me?
Whether I go right now or fifty years, who cares?
We all end up in a box indefinitely
Thats why I'm living my life to the fullest, I gotta do it
You never know when death is coming but it’s coming for sure
I could get clacked by some enemies in the streets
Or have a heart attack after one of these fucking shows
Nobody knows, I don't want to burn
And I can sure as fuck tell you I do not want to drown
Will anybody give a shit in ninety years?
I know a couple motherfuckers bump me now
Shout out to anybody who's listening now
Behind your computers, maybe on your phone
I will attempt to get in your brain
That's why I put these hidden messages up in my songs
You will let me take you somewhere and realize ain't nobody fucking with me on the mic because I'm ripping n***as brains out
I will keep evolving and I will become a problem to these n***as in my way and I will never ever change up
What can anybody really say about me?
Laughed a little bit 'cause I slept in the streets
Do your homework and you'll find out I was bangin' in the turf doin' dirt at the age of thirteen
Momma strung out so I hung out on the corner
With them n***as standin' with the guns and POW
Hit the fence real quick
You ain't used to hearing shit like POW, POW, POW, POW, POW
You ain't ever seen me complain about what I eat
My meals used to come out of a garbage dumpster
Other n***as be ashamed to say that shit
But me? I'm no fucking other
"Twisted Insane's a wierd freak!" So what?
Twisted Insane's on a course to blow up
Eat these rappers like fresh cold cuts
And make everybody who hate me get sick and throw up
And just when you thought I was done I'ma come with the shit that make a motherfucker lose it
Look at all the power of the music
I be in the corner smokin' on the marijuana
Hella faded off of Olde English fluid