Twisted Insane
Haunted, Pt. 2
[Intro Skit: Dikulz & Twisted Insane]
F**k (F**k)
Get up, Twisted, we gotta go, fam (Come on)
Gotta get the f**k out of here
Which way, which way?
I-I don't know. Let's hit that house up there. Let's go, let's hit it (F**k)
What the- f**k is this sh*t? (Ah, sh*t)
It looks just like the other house
Sh*t, it does, though (The f**k)
A-A-All the houses out here look the same to me, fam (Sh*t)
What are we gon' do?
Wanna go in there?
We'll have to chance it
Ahh, f**k

[Verse 1: Dikulz]
I open the door
Body's all sore, we been going through war
We can't take no more, then we see the decor
And notice blood soaked floors, think we been here before
Then the door slams shut and it locks, f**k
Twisted, not again, I think we've gotten stuck
Just then a shadow emerges, I'm feelin' baffled and nervous
I pull the [?] then have shots buck
But it don't do nothin'
Pa**es right through it, it just laughs and it disappears
I look at Twisted, "Ay, Twisted, listen, we gotta find a way to get up out of here"
So we split and we get down the hallway
Man, I f**ked around and I must have went the wrong way
'Cause when I look right behind us, a wall just divide us
At the end of the hall, I see a long face
Screams and it starts chasin'
I freeze, I'm in awe like I'm stargazin'
Then I dip to the kitchen, I'm try'na get out its vision
I'm try'na keep it quiet, can't, 'cause my heart's racin' (Shh)
I can't be found
Huh, what the f**k was that sound
F**k that, now I'm doublin' back
I try to hustle, but it come and attack
And then it flung me to the ground
Then it grabs me when I try and crawl
Damn, I'm all pinned against the wall
Lookin' at his face, sh*t was all dissolved
Look like Sammy Sosa, I'm sick and I'm appalled
Then I fall to my knees and I try to just plead with it, please, please, please
But it's not phased and it leaves, it just squeezes the soul from my chest
Now I know I'm possessed

[Skit: Dikulz & Twisted Insane]
Twisted, man, I'm locked in this f**kin' room, man
F**k you get in there?
It got me
I-I think it's inside me and I can't get it the f**k out (Huh?)
Break down the f**kin' wall if you have to (F**k)
A'ight, back up
Twisted, I need your help, fam
I'm tryin'
I don't think I'm gonna make it
I'm tryin' to get in this motherf**ker

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane & Dikulz]
Step back, I'm 'bout kick the do' in
I can't believe we came in here, I thought you was jokin'
I'm try'na get the b*t*h open, I really am hopin'
Before we end up in the back all hangin' by ropes and
Hold up, hold up, dikulz what the f**k you sound weird for?
And then I heard somebody sayin', "What is you here fo'"
I turn around and see somebody comin' I got to runnin'
I need to find a gun before they cut off my earlobe
[I hit the left and the right head ?] and waited
Thinkin' it's just a matter, my time's been deflated
Dikulz, I'm comin' to get you so walkin' through the kitchen
I grab a knife off of dishes, know I am serrated (Get me out)
I'm tryin' hard as I can, fam
Try'na keep it quiet and all I'm hearin' is bam bam
Is anything around (Let me see)
That can help like some sh*t on the shelf, or maybe keys to a Grand Am
Huh, I gotta see what's up
Keep lookin', though (For what?)
How am I 'posed to know what you lookin' fo'
Twisted, let me out now
Man, you soundin' kinda different, homie, if you wasn't family, I would buck and go
Holy [?]
Blood, you kicked the door off of the hinge (Run)
Wait, hold up
Why you comin' at me, lookin' funny, what the f**k is wrong with your grin
Are you off your wits?
Man, you really lookin' like you kinda lost your sh*t
Leavin' up out of the window with your f**kin' ?mall? to split
If you didn't find the keys, then I'mma hot the whip (Sh*t)
I can't believe we made a mess
A demon got a hold of you and he gon' take what's best
(just kill me fam xd)
If I put the knife up in you, he'd be laid to rest
The only way that I could save you is a blade to chest
[Outro Skit: Twisted Insane & Doctor]
Dikulz, Dikulz, Dikulz, Dikulz
Hello, Mr. Insane
F**k is this?
Today, we will be making a recommendation on whether to release you or to continue your treatment
Hold up, wait, huh?
Five years ago, you stabbed your friend and accomplice during a botched robbery (Wha, wha)
When asked why you did it, you said he was possessed and that you were saving him (No)
You've been a patient at this hospital for five years after you were found not guilty by reason of insanity
No, no that can't be
Before the Board makes a recommendation, do you have anything you would like to tell us
Th- Th- This can't be. I saved D. I saved D
Well, Mr. Insane, I'm sorry to hear that (I saved D)
I have no other option but to deny your release
Nurse, take him back to his room
No, f**kin' A! Get your motherf**kin' hands off me