Twisted Insane
Beast Mode
[Verse 1: C-Ray]
Who them n***as thinking they can see me
Came to make a flake
I'd rather play that shit on repeat
Came to take a negative, invade it with the green leaf
Give it to you, gifted
Get so lifted I don't need feet
People take one look at me and hate me cause they seen peace
But I won't get a look a bit or play my shit on TV
Even though I hang, I'm only banging if you need beats
And bitch I know my worth, you couldn't pay a couple G's each
N***a I will run up in yo even till I'm sleepy
Beg your fucking pardon, in that garden like I'm inky
Kill em with the steady, aiming everything I release
Winning they suspect it, I infect a couple CCs
Never had it easy
Would you slap my CD?
Never was a coward, I know how to handle defeat
Still I watch em run from me and treat it like I retreat
Wasn't trynna be the one, just wanna see my team each
We knee-deep in a repeat
And I'm back on
Do you know boy never last long
Part of me might be quad
I don't want anyone calling my bad phone
My circle beginning to [big?] and I'm feeling nobody is watching my backbone
And the liquor really got me thinking
Plus somebody give me a reason to act wrong
And I probably wouldn't went to kill if my n***a Insane hadn't picked up
Really feeling like I failed at life, but the people surround me still give love
And I would've quit working my regular job if it wasn't for my brother [Aiella?]
I was down deep
When the proceeds had to give a version
Told me I got a n***a I'mma was on a high note
Fresh off tour
Capping my dose in the ​slight post
And everybody wanna hear what I think about ISO
But I don't give a fuck about what n***as doing if it don't concern me
I'm elevated like bird feed
They hella hate it like burpees
Give it time though
Them be the people that always end up a sideshow
Lights out like the light broke
Keep thy nose in a Bible
Gotta pray a little bit away for the weather hate
Better bitch I'm I so
Kept me waiting we're not gonna chase all the cheddar
Brainsick wherever I go
[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
I wish somebody woulda run up in your hood and switch a n***a like a lightbulb
Try to put your finger round em kill em with no feeling in me bitch I'm ice cold
Ain't nobody bumping Lil Yachty up in this [so-party?]
I'll be later daddy in the Maserati in the front seat turning 2019 back to 9-4'
I can tell they had a little plan and figured they'd but come up in this bitch and maul us
Shake a n***a head in front and let the homie telling me that it was all love
Try to go against a n***a, bust em, murder with the trigger, talking 'bout they all doves
They don't want it when I met a fire-breathing dragon
Like a n***a small blood
Danger danger
Then my thang, it spit
Told me get right back up before they get to bucking
AKs finna paint this bitch
Don't nobody wanna hang out, wrong brain's out I'm dangerous
Every time I come around, they like "man why you bring him, shit" (hahaha)
I'mma mad man
Wish a n***a woulda lied down
What the fuck is wrong, get up on a song
You belong up in a trashcan
Ain't nobody fucking with us, only independent n***a that's a gap-ban
"Who are you?"
I'm Batman
With a little Incredible Hulk
The music tell a n***a, I'm So Dope
Hit them on the pushing, never had a cushion
Never whistle when there ain't no hope
Why you asking me about a bitch who always jumping ship my n***a
I don't know
Said I wasn't with the business
N***a wha the fuck you think I bought the rifle for?
My mind go
Coo-coo when I'm watching Hoodoo
Doing Voodoo
Dropping shit on everybody in the game, take a doodoo
Wrong booboo
You can say what you want, but I keep it going say true to
What I do do
And the fact of matter, I'm coming sicker than I ever motherfucking used to
Who's you?
Insane n***a, big brain (Brainsick n***a)
Never let me on the radio
I'm to forward leaving shit stains
Bodybag everybody in the industry, they look what this named
And I don't give a shit as long as all you corny mumble n***as keep your distance
This is murda
Serve ya
Cook a n***a like a hamburger
Anybody wanna go to war, bring it on, we urge ya
Run 10-10 a fault
Killing off all
Desert us
Many many wanna try this, their mob let's be certain
[Hook: C-Ray]
Do Re
Need mind on high
We woke
Go play
Fe-fi-fos high
Heave ho
So re me die so la
Each ghost
Go pay, beats, rhymes, no lie
Beast mode

[Verse 3: Bleezo]
My forms of execution are meta-human like static shock
Acid hot
Twisted is Sicko Mode like Travis Scott
Plastic's hot
After Kim [?] think the planet rock
Right after shock of only suckers bumpers like a traffic stop
Ratchet thot
Johnny Depp now
But she don't rap a lot
I'm stacking rock
When n***as got more keys than a Macintosh
I'm quick to take off, bitch I'm a flight missing the night shift
Never snitching or being on point like an ice pick
Give some pipe dick to my side-check
And I'm willing to scream in the night bitch
I'm a psychic
Predicting the future
Snitches get stitches and sutures, I'm sick of the tumors
And kick it with shooters
With different red spread, led like ridiculous rumors
Hit em [in numbers?]
I've lived in the sewers
When I said you n***as play with my TEC, they won't see tomorrow
Squeeze it right, I'll leave em beheaded like sleepy hollow
Whether the best MCs direct the NC, Meaty Pablo
[Rhyme is a bigger top
Wicked with the ripping as tough as before us
Get to the scaffolds and lifting cadavers and Twisted just exit the resort?]
But bitches the baddest and n***as is matching
Even went to the captain to report
And I'll leave em sleeping with the seahorses
Let the fish gather resources
Flip up in the sofa get
Spit and tell me motionless
Lifted off the [copious?]
Giving bits to my associates
See what mafia water gang
I'm finna get it with the Brain
People with the bang just Waka Flocka Flame
[Verse 4: Calii Boii Sciit]
Why you n***as cheer?
You guys are skitzo for getting you a dime (why?)
My n***as from the waters
But ain't no forbidden fruit inside now
Cut to my wrists, like I'm committing suicide
Fly, license to kill
I'm permitted to do a drive-by (n***a)
Out here it's real, my family is getting shorter now
I can smell the dust, when I pop like a pill snorter (smell it)
My whole block can turn shit to Amityville Horror
Y'all can live with panhandles like [scared?] to be real quarters
C-Dot, B-Dot, S, quiet a gang member
He shot, she shot, yes, you in the same picture
N***as falling over red and blue, like the game Twister
On my mama, n***as is bitches
Y'all got a strange gender
My whole life, I've been thinking bout a planned fam
And this poor sport, is getting robbed no Van Dam
I go over n***as heads, grand slam
Shot to his mouth, except he drinking out a can, blam (got em)
Y'all like some premie store pudding
Fuck parking
I bought this slide, and let it sling but four bullets
Would it be popping if it wasn't for me
It sure wouldn't (no)
Keep talking and I'll release this never seen before footage n***a (I got it)
She on my wood, that's a mahogany floor
Giving me brain all day like a philosophy store
I keep straps there
Even if I'm not with the whore
I got property there where I'm a Monopoly board (where?)
Bars Nestle
Feeding the broke bitch pedigree
I could turn a game like I'm referee (uh huh)
No melody
If I'm [fifteen runs?] ahead of me, it'll get deadly
C-A-L-I-I Boii
Don't fuck up the lettering I got hot spits
Glock lips
Plus all these n***as that drop clips
It'll take the heart to stop skips
I'm hard to eat, like with chopsticks
(where they at?)
I'm not rich, but I bust like a n***a that got chips
I'm a lock picked
I've talked clip
Pork chops and n***as I've clipped
Quick the clock ticks

[Hook: C-Ray]
Do Re
Need mind on high
We woke
Go play
Fe-fi-fos high
Heave ho
So re me die so la
Each ghost
Go pay, beats, rhymes, no lie
Beast mode