Twisted Insane
You never know when death will stop your breathin'
You fuckin' with gorillas and no killas' on your team and
No one knows who be comin' around so bitch will be runnin' now
What the fuck i've become
When i summon you will believe it
Run up on me believe it
Im really packin a llama
Presented never dead
Im a president like obama
Levitate with the sick
I will split your wig on my mumma
Got heat that will take you off of your feet
And end all the drama
I murder my enemies and put all of em in the grave
Once i take em i cake em and bake em taste em for days
And im quicker than shit
Im afriad im sicker than aids
Watch if one of them hits and
Well finna hit em with rage
I would just quit your bitching
So people never do lisiten
Dont want to be sittin wishin to get the fuck out my way
Maybe if i just run up on everyone with the gun up
Then no one will see the sun up im aiming up at your brain
And they gon really notice how i ride out
Pull up on him when hes sleepin catch him at his hideout
Walked up in the room at twelve o clock and woke him up and told him he was out of luck and blew the mothafuckers mind out
Who want it with the brainsick
I grew up my whole life thinking i really ain't shit
But you was just a lame bitch
And now im back with a fully loaded mac and i aim quick
Never the one to play around like Eddie
Somebody grab the blade
Id rather shank him with the razor
Im sick nobody want to go to war with brainsick but
Imma give your ass a pass so you can thank me later
Tried to let the n***a go
But he just want the war
Buckle in its gonna be a long night
If i catch him imma murk him
Pullin up in your brain and fuck a church bitch its on on sight