Twisted Insane
Childs Play
I'm a little motherf**kin different
Cause they don't wanna let me in the game
Imma finna make them feel the pain
I will chop these individuals up into pieces
I dont really give a f**k about how much you make it rain
Comin up with the heat and knockin em off their feet
And they dont wanna meet the wicked demon that will
Put you in your burial and i will carry you into the middle of the room
And anybody meet your doom in any kind of a scenario


I am one of the sickest n***as up on the planet
I hit em with lethal weapon and feel the batter reaction
I watchin em splatter then will go badder and pick up their bladder
Who badder who badder badder who badder badder who badder
Im laughin at all these rappers
Whos rappin bout they crap
That i dont really wanna get
Thats why i take you for a joke
I dont really wanna sit and listen to you spit about your money
When me and my people grew up motherf**kin broke

Take em on a mission
Make em feel my vision
No more superst**ion
Twisted incism i hit em in their noodle
People here to admit it


Bringing anybody to their knees
Yea my worst enemies sayin
That motherf**ker go hard